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Vehicles Components Packaging – Nefab Global Partner for Complete Packaging Solutions

India with huge capacity to produce vehicles and autocomponent to satisfy domestic as well as overseas demand for scooter, car,truck and other light or heavy transportation vehicles. All major globalplayers in auto sector have manufacture in India. They need parts andcomponents manufactured by their vendors at various locations transported totheir manufacturing facility for assembly of final product.


Most automotive components are metallic and requirecorrosion protection; Nefab has specific knowledge is applied in this areausing VCI2000 products. Nefab India is successfully involved in many CKD exportprojects as well component flows for: engine, crankshaft, bearings, gear box,welded components, and other components. Nefab offers packaging solutions inSteel, Plastics, fibreboard, Textile apart from Plywood based solutions whereNefab is Global leader.


Nefab India covers all major automotive regionalmanufacturing hubs with its presence by its manufacturing plant or by salesoffice.


Customer Benefits from Nefab Packaging:

    Lightweight packaging is ISPM 15 compliant andcomply with exports packaging standards

    Corrosionresistant packaging

    Easy to handlepackaging

    Designengineers assist in optimum packaging stacking in warehouse and in container /transport vehicle


Automotive industries asked Prasad Mandrolli, NEFAB IndiaPrivate Limited, what makes NEFAB stand out from other companies in terms ofpackaging?


Mandrolli. NEFAB’s total cost approach, in combinationwith the ability to design and supply engineered multi-material completepackaging solutions, is unique in the industry. With a truly global platform,we offer Global coordination with local service & supply.


AI. How does NEFAB aim at achieving sustainabledevelopment?


Mandrolli. NEFAB have developed a tool called GreenCALCto quantify the environmental impact. By using GreenCALC, NEFAB can supportcustomers in their green initiatives by: Quantifying environmental impact ofpackaging solutions, Identify areas of improvements, Quantify improvements inreduction of Global Warming Potential (CO2), Implementing engineered CompletePackaging Solutions that are optimized in terms of total cost and environmentalimpact.


AI. What and how does NEFAB’s optimization service play arole to bring best value to its customers?


Mandrolli. Cost of packaging is one component of thetotal cost of logistics……but packaging design affects all related cost elementsalso. NEFAB aims at reducing the total cost of logistics by optimizingpackaging design.


AI. How do you think conferences such as 3rd IndiaCommercial Vehicle Summit by Noppen benefits NEFAB?

Mandrolli. We believe this is a good opportunity toexplain the uniqueness with NEFAB to a broad range of decision makers withinthis industry.


AI. How does NEFAB face with increasing vehicleindustry’s complexity?

Mandrolli. With 120+ engineers, NEFAB has a strong focuson designing an optimised packaging solution to reduce total cost &environment impact. Our global footprint allows us to share experience andtrends.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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