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Alcantara Teams With Nendo – Award Winning Japanese Design Studio

Alcantara’s “Kaleidoscope” exhibit at thisyear’s Milan Design Week featured a unique display created by Nendo — anaward-winning Japanese design studio headed by Oki Sato.


Sato’s Conic Vine display used layers of Alcantaramaterial bonded with a thermo-compressing process to create the impression ofrows of climbing plants in shades of dove grey and pastel.


Alcantara first worked with Nendo in 2011 as part of amulti-year partnership between the company and the National Museum of XXICentury Arts in Rome with the Japanese studio interpreting “the materialworld of Alcantara in a free and highly personal way.”


Nendo also has explored the qualities of Alcantara in a varietyof other sectors, including interior design, high fashion, automotive interiorsand high-tech consumer products.


Alcantara Kaleidoscope

Milan Design Week, April 8-13, 2014

Art Direction by Giulio Cappellini

Exhibit by Nendo

Superstudio Piu, via Tortona 27


About Alcantara –

Founded in 1972, Alcantara represents a prime example ofItalian-produced quality. As a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A. and theresult of a unique and proprietary technology, Alcantara® is a highly innovativematerial, offering an unrivalled combination of sensory, aesthetic andfunctional qualities.


Alcantara is the choice of leading brands in a number ofapplication fields: fashion and accessories, automotive, interior design andhome decor, and consumer electronics. With a serious and certified commitmentto sustainability, Alcantara is a true icon of contemporary lifestyle: thelifestyle of those who want to fully enjoy their everyday life while respectingthe environment.


Since 2009 Alcantara has been certified “CarbonNeutral”, having defined, reduced and offset all of the CO2 emissionsderived from its activity. In 2011, the analysis was extended to the wholeproduct lifecycle, including use and disposal phases (“from cradle tograve”). Alcantara draws up and publishes its own Sustainability Reporteach year, certified by TUV SUD international authority and available also onthe corporate website.


Headquartered in Milan, Alcantara’s production site andR&D department are located in Nera Montoro, in the heart of Umbria Region(Terni).


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