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“When I picked up my Tesla in Beijing, I realizedthat it’s impossible to drive it back to Guangzhou as there are hardly anyplaces to recharge the batteries,” Andrew Zong, the CEO of PHNIX and alsoone of the first Chinese Tesla owners, said this to reporters.


As a result, Andrew Zong got a crazy plan that byutilizing the power of the Internet and folk strength, he could make the firstcharging facility network in China to solve the electric vehicles’ chargingproblems.


With this plan, Andrew Zong bought a batch of originalchargers for Tesla and promised that he would donate all the chargers tonew-energy-loving car owners.


Next Andrew Zong posted on online social networkplatforms, like WeChat and Weibo, to recruit volunteers who were willing toprovide installation sites and offer free charging service for Tesla motors.During the next three days, there were thousands of volunteers applying toinstall charging piles at their places. Taken everything into consideration, 20of the volunteers were selected.


During the following twenty days, Andrew Zong and hiscompanions have self-driven his Tesla for 5,750 kilometers via sixteen cities,in which they have donated twenty charging piles. To their astonishment, theyfinally succeeded in pioneering the first route of electric car chargingnetwork from north to south China.


Andrew Zong, the founder of the world’s leading heatpumps manufactory and one of the craziest T-fans, has ordered 20 Tesla asrewards for employees and built 60 charging parking lots in his own factories.


Andrew Zong told reporters, “The true value of thisaction is to tell everyone: as long as more and more people are involved, anetwork of charging piles across China will soon be set up and this could forma more eco-friendly lifestyle for China.”

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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