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Enerpulse Technologies Announces Business Development Partnership with MAE Corporation

Will represent the company to Japanese automakers/Tier 1 suppliers

Enerpulse Technologies (OTCQX: ENPT) announced anagreement with MAE Corporation to assist the company in securing business withautomakers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers in Japan. MAE Corporation isrepresented by its president Toshi Goto who will serve as a business developmentpartner and introduce Enerpulse Technologies’ Nano-Plasma Assisted Combustion(n-PACâ„¢) technology to senior Japanese automotive executives.

“Weare pleased to forge this business development partnership with Mr. Goto andhis team of highly capable associates,” said Joseph Gonnella, CEO ofEnerpulse Technologies. “Since its start in 2004, MAE Corporation has astrong track record of building direct business relationships with Japaneseindustrial companies and helping U.S. firms navigate their complex technologyadoption processes. We are confident Mr. Goto’s valuable assistance willrepresent a key milestone in executing our commercial strategy in Japan.”

Accordingto Goto, “Japanese automakers need outside technology to meetstrengthening global fuel economy and emissions regulations. MAE Corporationhas the confidence of many high-level executives in the Japanese auto sectorand only accepts clients with sound technology to offer.”

Incooperation with MAE Corporation, Enerpulse founder and chief technologyofficer, Lou Camilli, will travel to Japan in the fourth quarter of 2014 tomeet with Japanese automotive executives. Camilli will explain how Enerpulse’snano-Plasma Assisted Combustion (n-PACâ„¢) improves fuel economy, reducestailpipe emissions and increases vehicle performance – a revolutionary featureunattainable by conventional spark plugs.

Enerpulseprovides products to the automotive OEM market, along with the automotive/powersports aftermarket under the brand name Pulstar® and for natural gasfueled SI engines (NG, CNG, LNG, LPG, and Bio-Gas) for stationary and vehicularapplications. The company has sold over one million Pulstar Pulse Plugs intothe automotive and power sports aftermarket.

Startedin 2004 and based in Japan, MAE Corporation has helped hundreds ofinternational companies successfully establish business relationships withJapanese companies. For more information, visit

Furtherdetails of the Company’s business, finances, appointments and agreements can befound as part of the Company’s continuous public disclosure as a reportingissuer under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, filed with theSecurities and Exchange Commission’s (“SEC”) EDGAR database. For moreinformation call 888-800-6700 or visit

Enerpulse Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded companyheadquartered in Albuquerque, N.M. Founded in 2004; the company develops andmanufactures ultra-high performance, low emissions ignition products throughthe application of pulse power technology. For more information, visit

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