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Create new communication channels for drivers, passengers and connected cars to support innovative business models and revenue streams.

Connected Vehicle Cloud Overview

Smartphones changed how consumers interact with the world around them. Powered by the cloud, the connected car promises to extend this interactive dynamic to drivers and passengers on the road.

Our Connected Vehicle Cloud delivers significant opportunity for stakeholders in the automotive ecosystem to reach drivers and passengers in new ways. It is the robust platform that enables application developers, government organizations, businesses, and automotive manufacturers to reach drivers and passengers with services and information. All to transform the in-car experience for drivers and enable the automotive OEM to manage the customer experience, improve product quality and pursue new after market opportunities around the bend.

What is Connected Vehicle Cloud?

Part of Ericsson’s Transport and Automotive offerings, Connected Vehicle Cloud is based on theEricsson Service Enablement Platform and targets the global automotive industry´s existing and future demands for scalability, security and flexibility in the provisioning of connected car services to drivers and passengers.

  • Drivers and passengers: Access applications for information, navigation, and entertainment from an after market device and/or an integrated screen in the car, designed to minimize the risk of driver distraction.
  • Automotive manufacturers: Strengthen the ability to build customer relationships and increase brand loyalty by offering a wide range of  integrated services — all while developing new revenue streams
  • Partners: Gain the ability to connect drivers to automotive manufacturer CRM interfaces, vehicle databases, dealerships, repair shops and relevant third-party entities to improve the customer experience
  • Developers: Enjoy an open platform to produce new apps or extend existing offerings to bring today’s innovations to all drivers – from those who drive for pleasure to the daily commuter


Why Use Connected Vehicle Cloud?

Connected Vehicle Cloud leverages Ericsson’s M2M service enablement capabilities and can be deployed on standard cloud infrastructures. It can be thoroughly integrated in core business processes such as customer relationship management and service management by Ericsson Consulting and Systems Integration Services and can be efficiently operated by Ericsson Managed Services. Consider Connected Vehicle Cloud if you want to:

  • Improve customer experience management. Build brand recognition and consumer loyalty with services that leverage user information for relevant promotions and real-time personalization.
  • Monetize assets. Increase the value of services and promotions by integrating consumer data, location, presence and preferences in a secure environment that aligns with the consumer’s privacy demands.
  • Expand into new value chains. Gain an opportunity to branch out and capitalize on your existing customer base, seizing the opportunity to diversify and expand business and better differentiate services.