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Conflict Minerals Microsites in English & Chinese Help Automotive Companies Meet SEC Requirements

To simplify the challenges, regulations, and best practices behind conflict minerals reporting, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) created an informative new microsite as a resource hub for the industry. AIAG’s Conflict Minerals microsite, which went live in April 2014 at, unveiled a Chinese version on August 29, 2014.

“Our goal is to illustrate the automotive industry’s strategy on conflict minerals through a visually compelling site that also serves to simplify this complex issue,” says Tanya Bolden, AIAG program development manager for corporate responsibility. “Already the microsites are engaging new and existing audiences, driving them to learn more about the conflict minerals challenge. Although the sites are not advocacy driven, they show automotive professionals other paths to getting involved.”

In AIAG’s 2014 Automotive Corporate Responsibility global survey, tackling the complex challenges of conflict minerals reporting was identified as the most significant issue facing the industry this year.

“Ever since the passing of the Dodd-Frank law in July 2010, AIAG has been collaborating with its members and their supply chain partners to create viable industry solutions to meet the new reporting requirements,” says Bolden. “The microsite is a call-to-action to automotive suppliers to help the industry comply with its social responsibility guidance and the new law.”

Beginning May 31, 2014 (and each May 31 thereafter), publicly traded companies must file a Conflict Minerals Report with the SEC for the prior calendar year.

“There is no reason that Conflict Minerals reporting has to distract companies from their normal business activities,” Bolden points out. “The Conflict Minerals microsites in English and Chinese provide a pathway for companies to connect with the tools and information they need.

“The best way for companies to manufacture responsibly and comply with the law is to collaborate,” she concludes. “AIAG is committed to bringing the industry together on this issue, just as it has on so many others throughout the years.”

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