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Automotive industry ensuring EMI protection with Orbel precision components

Board level shielding among products used to facilitate electronic system protection

Today’s cars are utilizing more and more electronics that enhance the driving experience and increase driver and passenger safety. With these demands for comfort and security come more concerns for design engineers—the failure of an entire car can be due to one faulty part or component.


The more complex the vehicle system, the harder reliability is to achieve, and specialized shielding product manufacturers like Orbel Corporation are being relied upon to lend their expertise to car manufacturers.


With increased utilization of electronic systems, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is becoming an important aspect of vehicle design. EMI issues can range from simple annoyance such as static noise in radio reception to as severe as the loss of anti-skid braking capability.


All EMI issues have preferred protection techniques depending on the particular vehicle system and its design, and the type of noise source. Many times the use of board level shielding (BLS) is necessary to provide the required amount of EMI protection, which can be implemented at the IC Level and Printed Circuit Board Level of the design stage.


Orbel Board Level Shielding: Orbel’s standard and custom-engineered BLS offers unlimited design flexibility for surface-mount and through-hole configurations. BLS can be customized with the following options to meet the demand of any EMI/RFI shielding application:

  • Unlimited shield sizes and material options
  • Multiple fence/cover retention methods
  • Variety of pin and surface-mount styles
  • Custom trace notches at no extra cost
  • Standard ventilation holes
  • Standard pick target for pick and place
  • Available in tape-and-reel or tray packaging 

In addition, various gaskets can be used at the Module or Enclosure Level as well as the Interconnect Level:


Orbel Finger-Stock Gaskets: Orbel offers a wide variety of beryllium copper finger-stock profiles, modified finger stock, contact strips, contact rings, metal connector gaskets, and fully customizable EMI/RFI shielding gaskets. All beryllium and stainless steel finger strips offer the industry’s highest EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness, while Orbel finger-stock gasketing is ideal for repeated effective opening and closing applications where high attenuation performance and mechanical strength is required.


Orbel Conductive Fabric Gaskets: Ideal for the control of electromagnetic performance, Orbel’s line of metalized fabric gaskets is manufactured from a resilient polyurethane foam core and wrapped with a durable high-performance nickel-plated copper-conductive fabric. Orbel offers over 100 standard fabric-over-foam gaskets in a wide variety of shapes and profiles. Custom modifications include cut to length, kiss-cutting, and miter cutting for frame-style gaskets.



About Orbel Corporation

Since 1961, Orbel’s custom design and manufacturing process has enabled unique engineered solutions for a variety of applications and industries. From conception through delivery, Orbel offers today’s most effective EMI/RFI shielding, photo-etched precision metal parts, precision metal stampings, and electroplated metal foils. Areas of specialization include aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, medical, automotive, and manufacturing. For more information, visit or call 610-829-5000

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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