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Global Leader in Vibration Test Systems Inks Cooperation with Kelly Space & Technology

IMV CORPORATION, the Japanese global leader of vibration test systems, announced at the 2014 Automotive Testing Expo that it has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Kelly Space & Technology, Inc.. As part of the agreement, Kelly Space will establish a major equipment demonstration showroom at its San Bernardino, California, facilities and have its technicians undergo an IMV Certification Program in Japan to support its appointment as IMV’s distributor and service provider for North America. 


Kelly Space & Technology is a private aerospace technology and environment simulation test services company currently providing Qualification Testing, including dual system vibration, of NASA’s Space Launch System hardware. The Space Launch System will be the most powerful rocket in history and propel astronauts, cargo and equipment into deep space.   


“Our strategic partnership with Kelly Space will provide a solid foundation for IMV’s entry into the North American market and enable us to offer the world’s most reliable and cost effective vibration systems to American customers in the automotive and aerospace testing sectors among others,” said Jumpei Kojima, Sr. Executive Officer, IMV CORPORATION. “Kelly’s track record of technical innovation and service responsiveness is ideal to satisfying the rigorous requirements of the vibration system customer.”


An IMV K-series high excitation force water cooled shaker, power amplifiers and vibration control equipment will comprise the initial demonstration system delivered to Kelly Space’s facilities by January 2015.


“Kelly Space is excited to partner with IMV who have perfected quality vibration test systems for customers including Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and the Japanese Space Agency that demand extreme reliability,” said Michael J. Gallo, President & CEO of Kelly Space & Technology, Inc. “The IMV systems at Kelly Space will serve to demonstrate superior product performance and augment our growing environmental test service capabilities.”   


Publicly-traded (JASDAQ) IMV offers an industry leading 1-year warranty that covers one year of continuous, non-interrupted use of its vibration test systems i.e. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, at the maximum performance level.


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