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INFICON Shows Latest Leak Detection Technology At Auto Testing Expo

INFICON is showcasing three of the auto industry's most advanced leak detection systems at this year's Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) in the Detroit suburb of Novi.

The company’s HLD6000 Refrigerant Leak Detector, the Ecotec E3000 Multi-Gas Sniffer Leak Detector and Sensistor Sentrac® hydrogen leak tester will be on display at Booth #13029. The 12(th) annual ATE is a three-day technology forum (Oct. 28-30) featuring some of the world’s leading companies and next-generation engine concepts and technologies.


“We’re displaying three leak detection systems that demonstrate the speed and accuracy INFICON products are known for,” said Thomas Parker, INFICON’s, North American automotive market sales manager. “The new models that are on display in Detroit also are more user-friendly than ever before.”


INFICON’s HLD6000 Refrigerant Leak Detector builds on the success of its HLD5000 with an updated hand probe that is more ergonomic, lighter, more flexible and more maneuverable. The detector’s new touch screen display also uses a new INFICON interface which is more intuitive and provides easy-to-understand icons with fewer menu levels. Probes are available for R-1234yf, R-134a, CO2 and many other refrigerants.


With underhood and interior space increasingly congested, the HLD6000’s slim probe with twin LED illuminators makes it easy for operators to achieve correct placement in dim areas and facilitate precise leak location. Optional flexible probe tips also are available.  Additionally, colored LED status lights alert the operator to readiness, operational status, excess leakage detection and possible errors or warnings.


The HLD6000 has the same long-life highly sensitive infrared sensor as the HLD5000 and responds quickly to refrigerant leaks. Its dual inlet system compares background refrigerant to measured refrigerant at the sniffer tip to minimize false alarms and make pinpointing leaks more efficient.


The HLD6000 integrates into local networks with a variety of analog or digital interfaces through an optional I/O module. The USB interface permits data transmission to a connected USB flash drive and its gas reservoir for a COOL-Check reference leak is stored in a “garage” beneath the main unit for quick replacement.


The latest version of INFICON’s multi-gas sniffer leak detector – the EcotecE3000(TM) — is designed for the latest high-pressure fuel systems, as well as air conditioning systems that use new refrigerants classified as flammable. The Ecotec E3000 is especially suited for use in production environments for final testing of both A/C and fuel systems.


The easy-to-use sniffer is built for operator comfort. Tolerant of operator technique variations, the Ecotec E3000’s operator-guiding I-Guide(TM) also ensures that the correct number of test locations is covered and verifies that each location is tested for a predetermined time. The detector’s sniffer tip has a considerable leak-detection range and can be quickly moved without missing leaks.


The Ecotec E3000 Multi-Gas Sniffer Leak Detector readily differentiates between refrigerant, fuel or fuel vapors, as well as fluids like engine coolant, antifreeze or windshield wiper fluids. Self-monitoring, the Ecotec E3000 notifies the operator of potential problems before they occur. After initial setup, the instrument can be operated without access to the main unit through the display and buttons on the probe. Its built-in ECO-Check reference leak allows the operator to verify the unit is functioning properly at any time.


Manufacturers can cover a wide variety of test requirements with INFICON’s Sensistor Sentrac hydrogen leak detector. The sniffing device is adaptable to robotic applications for automotive suppliers and OEMs. Its unique ability to handle both leak detection in environments with high levels of tracer gas, provides both selectivity and sensitivity. With large leaks, rest time is minimal and the Sensistor Sentrac probe’s reach is cable-determined at 3, 6, or 9 meters (9.8, 19.6 or 29.5 feet).


The Sensistor Sentrac’s easy-to-read color OLED touch-screen display delivers leak-detection results immediately, regardless of whether a desktop or battery-operated model is selected. The ergonomically designed probe handle delivers fast access to frequently used functions through a multi-function button.  Probes can be used in rough environments that are wet or dusty. During leak testing, LED lights in the probe illuminate and precisely pinpoint leaks.


Sensistor Sentrac has no moving parts, offers a flexible neck option and its display features a new INFICON interface designed to deliver faster, more intuitive navigation to reduce operator errors and time-consuming correction loops. In environments using multiple leak detectors with identical settings, an SD slot simplifies setup. One SD card can store a broad range of different formulas for quick retrieval.


INFICON is one of the world’s leading developers, producers and suppliers of instruments and devices for leak detection in air conditioning, refrigeration and automotive manufacturing. The company has manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the United States, as well as sales and service offices throughout the world.


More information about INFICON automotive technology is available online at A video on the Sensistor Sentrac can be found at


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