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TI strengthens DSP and vision processing on its Jacinto family of infotainment processors

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) is adding signal processing functionality to its new DRA75x processors to enable customers  to augment infotainment and pair informational advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) features. The combination of these two will allow customers to produce cars with digital cockpit integration as well as traditional infotainment features without compromising performance. The new DRA75x processors, “Jacinto 6 EP” and “Jacinto 6 Ex”, both developed on the same architecture as other “Jacinto” devices, enable automotive manufacturers to scale their investment without additional R&D or significant Bill-of-Material (BOM) increase to deliver a diverse portfolio of products with hardware and software compatibility.


Jacinto 6 EP: Extended processing performance and concurrencies “Jacinto 6 EP” is a processing leader in the infotainment segment with 1.4GHz of digital signal processor (DSP) performance equivalent to 22 GFLOPS / 60 GMACS. Complete with all the features of the “Jacinto 6”, the “Jacinto 6 EP” device provides additional peripherals and DSP horsepower to add features while controlling system cost. “Jacinto 6 EP” lowers the BOM by incorporating additional USB, video input and PCIe interfaces required in certain infotainment systems with demanding IO requirements. A second TMS320C66x DSP core, delivering a total of 1.4 GHz of signal processing, can be used for image manipulation technologies such as dynamically stitching multiple cameras into a single, surround or overhead view. Also, the additional DSP performance enables augmented radio configurations (multi-tuner, multi-modal configurations leveraging antenna diversity and background scanning), audio and speech processing, active noise control (ANC), voice recognition and a variety of other technologies.


Jacinto 6 Ex: Enable innovation for fusion between IVI and informational ADAS Further scaling the platform, the “Jacinto 6 Ex” device provides additional performance and integration possibilities from the “Jacinto 6 EP” by offering two embedded vision engines (EVEs) for simultaneous informational ADAS and infotainment functionalities without compromising the performance of either system. Informational ADAS describes capabilities such as object and pedestrian detection, augmented reality navigation and driver identification leveraging cameras both inside and outside the car to enhance the driving experience without actively controlling the vehicle. These capabilities can be leveraged in the center stack, programmable cluster and head’s-up display systems.


The EVEs enable high-performance analytic and vision algorithms operating concurrently with the ARM(®), GPU, DSP, multimedia and additional sub-systems offering un-encumbered performance unlike anything available on the market today. Both EVEs and associated software libraries put customers in control of their development by leveraging the flexible, programmable, high-performance EVE cores for analytics algorithms.


Highly scalable family of devices

The “Jacinto 6” family of devices is built on the same architecture, offering software and pin-to-pin compatibility with the broadest array of highly scalable ARM(®) Cortex(®)-A15 devices for automotive applications. With a wide range of price, performance and integration capabilities, the “Jacinto” family has a mature ARM(®) Cortex(®)-A15 solution capable of supporting up to four 1080p displays and four 1080p video and camera inputs. High definition displays and megapixel cameras can be connected to “Jacinto” processors using FPD-Link III Ser/Des chipsets. The DS90UH925Q serializer and DS90UH926Q deserializer carry digital video, audio, and bidirectional I2C control signals concurrently over a single twisted pair cable using the HDCP-protected interface protocol. The DS90UB913AQ serializer and DS90UB914AQ deserializer connect camera modules to the processor using low cost co-axial cable.Additionally, the auxiliary ARM(®) Cortex(®)-M4 subsystem offloads real-time, interrupt-intensive tasks such as those used to handle vehicle stacks.


TI’s fully integrated power management IC, TPS659039-Q1, has been specifically designed for seamless operation together with the “Jacinto 6” SoC family. The TPS659039-Q1 is designed to support the harsh automotive requirements, and includes features suited to manage the system power requirements of the “Jacinto 6” family while minimizing the power consumption in the system.  TPS659039-Q1 is AEC-Q100 qualified, and supports the full family of “Jacinto 6” devices to provide scalability.


Further scalability is achieved by the four variants of the “Jacinto” family including the previously announced “Jacinto 6” and “Jacinto 6 Eco” devices. Additionally, all members of the “Jacinto” family work with TI’s WiLink(TM) 8Q Wi-Fi, Bluetooth(®) and GNSS combo connectivity platform, creating out-of-the box ready automotive infotainment offerings. Customers designing infotainment systems can develop products for a broad range of vehicles from entry to luxury on the same DRA7xx “Jacinto” platform, leveraging their investment, and reducing R&D cost and time to market. “Jacinto” tools and software, including QNX, Linux and Android software development kits (SDKs), available hardware development and reference platforms, along with an industry-leading third-party ecosystem aid in reducing development overhead and quickly add valuable new features.



The DRA75x “Jacinto 6 EP” and “Jacinto 6 Ex” processors are currently sampling, and expected to be available for production 4Q 2014. Both DRA75x processors are intended for high-volume automotive manufacturers and are not available through distributors.


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Texas Instruments drives automotive innovation TI’s state-of-the-art semiconductor products allow manufacturers and system suppliers to deliver world-class features to the automotive market. Our extensive automotive portfolio includes analog power management, interface and signal chain solutions, along with DLP(®) displays, ADAS and infotainment processors, Hercules(TM) TMS570 safety microcontrollers and wireless connectivity solutions. TI offers SafeTI(TM) parts designed to facilitate OEMs’ compliance with the requirements of ISO 26262, as well as parts specifically designated as compliant with the AEC-Q100 and TS16949 standards, all with excellent product documentation. Visit TI’s Automotive page or TI’s E2E(TM) Behind the Wheel Blog to learn more about our commitment to automotive innovation.


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