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In 2014 the BMW Group presented its third BMW Supplier Innovation Award to a toal of eight suppliers.

The BMW Group recognizes its most innovative suppliers as key partners in the implementation of new developments who make a decisive contribution to the success of the company. Klaus Draeger, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Purchasing and Supplier Network, said: “Innovation is a decisive factor in a vehicle’s market success. Many customers ultimately opt for the car with the most impressive innovations. In fact, innovations are a key driver in our role as a pioneer in shaping the mobility of tomorrow.

“We intend to continue expanding and strengthening our innovation leadership. Close cooperation with suppliers is extremely important to us. This award is designed not only to recognise outstanding achievements, but also as an incentive for our suppliers to strive for a key competitive edge through their innovations for the BMW Group in the future,” he said. The BMW Group presented awards in seven categories, as well as a special “Innovation Partnership” award. The winners of the BMW Supplier Innovation Award 2014:

Efficient Dynamics: Bridgestone Corporation – Ologic technology for CO2-optimized tires: Bridgestone Corporation has developed tires with “Ologic technology” for BMW i vehicles. The tires are especially large and narrow, reducing rolling resistance and thereby improving CO2 figures and extending the range of pure electric engines. Thanks to the use of innovative materials and clever design, these tires fulfil all driving dynamic performance requirements.

Lightweight construction: Corning acoustic glass partition: Corning’s Gorilla glass already features in thousands of smartphone models and is now being used for the first time in a car in the BMW i8’s acoustic partition. Each of the two glass layers is only 0.7 millimeters thick, making the partition 1.3 kilograms or 50% lighter overall. The process up to series production of the partition took only 18 months.

Connected Drive: HERE Europe Online map updates: This innovation enables maps to be updated directly in the navigation system via wireless network. The vehicle automatically checks whether new map data is available on a regular basis. The update is then downloaded via wireless network and the map installed in the vehicle is updated. This feature places the BMW Group at the technological forefront of the premium segment.

New Technology Experience – ZIZALA Lichtsysteme Laser light headlight system:
The BMW i8 is the world’s first series-produced vehicle to feature a laser light headlight system. Thanks to this innovation, laser diodes – which were previously unsuited for automotive manufacturing – now meet all customer and operating requirements. BMW Laser Light doubles the high-beam range of conventional headlights to 600 meters and is 30% more energy-efficient than LED headlights.

Quality: Pirelli & C – Real Dynamic Curing technology: Real Dynamic Curing technology solves the problem of determining exactly when the inside of a tire is cured in the vulcanization process. Temperature sensors enable precise vulcanization to produce top-quality tires.

Productivity: Grohmann Engineering – Production system for BMW i8 high-voltage battery: The system produces the BMW i8’s key technology – its high-voltage battery. Battery modules are assembled in the smallest possible space with high power density and long-term stability.

Sustainability: ASK Chemicals – Inorganic binders for zero-emission foundry process:
ASK has perfected components, composition and manufacture of inorganic binders to the point where they can replace organic binding systems in large-scale series production. This enables the BMW Group to realize a zero-emission foundry process and further improve working conditions for its employees – at the same time, increasing productivity and the quality of the parts produced.

Innovation partnership: GENIVI Alliance – GENIVI open infotainment platform: GENIVI is an alliance of 170 automotive companies working together to advance development of head units. The head unit is the central component for in-car communications and entertainment. The result of these joint efforts was unveiled in autumn 2013 in the first generation of the open infotainment platform based on the Linux operating system, EntryNav, which now features in nearly all BMW models.