Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

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Dubuc Motors Launches the First Electric Vehicle on StartEngine equity crowdfunding platform


In a first for the cleantech automotive industry, Dubuc Motors will launch its electric supercar, the Tomahawk, on an equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. Dubuc Motors, a spirited and respected startup, will unveil a world’s first with a 2+2 all-electric supercar offering an extended range.  

The launch comes at a time of exciting growth in the electric vehicle market. The total EV market, including plug­ins, hybrids and other electric vehicles, is expected to jump from 2.6 million vehicles sold in 2015 to more than six million vehicles by 2024. The total sales of plug­in electric vehicles alone were expected to reach one million in the United States during the same period, according to and

Already boasting accolades and recognition internationally, Dubuc Motors has arrived to “complete the Tesla line” and the electric vehicle market.

“Nearly 15 years ago, we decided to combine our automotive passion with a stubborn belief that a cleaner and more viable way of producing cars was possible. Our commitment and dedication through exhaustive R&D and numerous prototypes have led us here today. The Tomahawk embodies ingenuity and furthermore is a great vehicle to drive and promote our engagement towards sustainable development”, said Mike Kakogiannakis, co-­founder of Dubuc Motors. 

“A dual revolution is now underway in the worlds of both transportation and entrepreneurship,” said Ron Miller, CEO at StartEngine. “Equity crowdfunding is fueling innovation, enabling investors across America to support progressive companies like Dubuc Motors at a ground floor level.”

Investors will learn about an opportunity to become part of EV history by reserving shares when Dubuc tests the waters with a funding campaign on the StartEngine equity crowdfunding platform.

View the Dubuc Motors video:


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Founded in 1895, the world's first trade magazine covering the automotive industry.