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Physical Digital's Award-Winning 3D ScanBox facility transforms manufacturing processes

When Physical Digital, the UK’s largest and longest-established GOM 3D scanning service provider, introduced Britain’s first automated 3D measurement facility, the company was amazed by the interest it caused. The automated scanning cell – GOM’s ATOS ScanBox 5120 – measures multiple components simultaneously and provides the fastest method of high-resolution 3D scanning available in the UK. It delivers high quality data based on effective inspection processes – essential for engineers and manufacturers to meet robust quality requirements and guarantee repeatability, accuracy and traceability.

Fast and accurate high-resolution batch inspection

Ahead of the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show, Physical Digital’s MD Tim Rapley explains the demand for fast, high-quality batch inspection that prompted the company to introduce the ScanBox facility alongside its mobile 3D scanning service capability:

“Customers across a range of industries, particularly in aerospace and automotive, were demanding an out-sourced solution to provide batch inspection quickly and economically. That’s exactly what the ScanBox delivers; we design bespoke jigs and fixtures in-house, allowing for fast, precision scanning that produces reliable data more quickly than traditional CMMs or by manual methods.” View the video here.

Clients have been using the ScanBox’s repeatable measurement capabilities for batches of components – from 10 parts to a hundred or even thousands.  Providing fully-automated inspection for components up to 2m diameter, it accurately measures the full-surface geometry of both freeform and geometric objects.

Operated by Highly Trained Team

The success of the ScanBox relies on Physical Digital’s highly-trained and experienced team of engineers and designers, who create individually-designed fixtures for each different set of components.  The company, which has gained an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, won the FSB Business Innovation Award 2015, recognising the introduction of the ScanBox service facility.

To discuss your project requirements or find out more about the innovative solutions offered by this award-winning company, visit Physical Digital on stand R98 or contact:


tel: 01483 750200

twitter: @p2dme

Youtube: More about the ScanBox facility.

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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