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Valmet Automotive purchases over 250 robots for GLC production

Valmet Automotive purchases over 250 robots for GLC production

Valmet Automotive has signed an agreement with technology group ABB for the delivery of over 250 industrial robots to be installed in the new Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV body shop. The GLC production will start in Finland in early 2017.

The agreement is the largest robot deal ever in Finland. The robots will be delivered to Valmet Automotive during this year, increasing the robot total of Uusikaupunki plant to over 500 units. The deal further consolidates Valmet Automotive’s position as the pioneer of production automation and the leading robot user in Finland.

The current Mercedes-Benz A-Class body shop has 200 ABB robots. The greater robot number in the GLC body shop is due to different body structures and production processes, and increased production efficiency. The automation level will exceed 90%.

–        The schedule is challenging, because the GLC series production will commence in Uusikaupunki in early 2017. However, with our long term development work and the experiences from the A-Class body shop, we have gained excellent knowhow in engineering and constructing a large and highly automated body shop. We now have the ability to build a larger and more demanding body shop faster than ever before, says Mr. Jyrki Nurmi, GLC project director, Valmet Automotive.

–        Valmet Automotive is an excellent example of a company, where high-grade technology and engineering skills together with state-of-the-art industrial robotics ensure global competitiveness. We are extremely satisfied with Valmet Automotive’s trust in our products, says Mr. Janne Leinonen, LBU manager, ABB Oy.

The focused development areas in the new body shop are availability, programming speed, low spare part need, flexibility and high productivity with short lead times. 

Valmet Automotive is an experienced provider of automotive engineering, vehicle manufacturing, convertible roof systems and related business services. Our special areas of expertise are premium cars, convertibles and electric vehicles. We employ over 2,000 professionals in Finland, Germany and Poland. 

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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