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Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers: Volvo Cars Becomes Next Automaker to Join Auto-ISAC

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers: Volvo Cars Becomes Next Automaker to Join Auto-ISAC

The Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) welcomes Volvo Cars as its latest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) member. Volvo Cars will join Auto-ISAC’s other OEM members on the organization’s Board of Directors.  


“Volvo Cars recognizes that cyber-security is a constantly evolving threat that must be dealt with globally in an intelligent and proactive way. Volvo Cars takes cyber security and privacy issues very seriously and therefore, we believe joining the Auto-ISAC is paramount as it will serve as the central organization for analysis and sharing of cyber threats. This global collaboration with other automakers and suppliers will provide additional critical support in our robust efforts to keep our cars as secure as possible,” said Klas Bendrik, Senior Vice President and Group Chief Information Officer.


“We are excited to have Volvo Cars join Auto-ISAC’s proactive and collaborative efforts to enhance vehicle cyber security,” said Auto-ISAC Chairman Tom Stricker of Toyota. “The strength of our organization lies in our ability to bring together insights and perspectives from across the industry. With Volvo Car’s valuable expertise, Auto-ISAC will continue its mission to help the industry produce safe vehicles with modern and robust security protections”.


Auto-ISAC was formed in July 2015 in a collective effort by the auto industry to establish a secure platform for sharing, tracking and analyzing intelligence about cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities. Auto-ISAC operates as a central hub that allows members to anonymously submit and receive information to help them more effectively counter cyber threats in real time. Currently, Auto-ISAC members account for more than 99 percent of light-duty vehicles on the road in North America.



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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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