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SII Semiconductor Supports Automotive Industry With Innovative And Efficient Analog Semiconductors

SII Semiconductor Supports Automotive Industry With Innovative And Efficient Analog Semiconductors

    Every car owner is looking for a vehicle, which is operating under all weather conditions reliably with lowest fuel consumption and equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems for maximum passenger protection. Additionally an increasing number of optional entertainment systems are challenging every design team due to space constraints.


    SII Semiconductor Corporation, a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc., supports innovative automotive developments by its continuously expanding product line-up of high-quality analog semiconductors with very low current consumption and super small packages. AEC-Q100/PPAP is available on request.


    S-57P1 Series – Bipolar Hall switch with high accuracy of +/-1mT at temperatures up to 150degree(s)C – allows use of cost efficient magnets in e.g. brushless DC motors (BLDC) for rotation detection.


    S-19400 Series – Watchdog timer with selectable mode and RESET function – consumes little current (3.8microA) but increases operational reliability of microcontroller significantly compare to software solution.


    S-19680 Series – High-side switch with current monitoring – simplifies connection diagnosis in various antenna applications like GPS and e-call.


    S-19200 Series – 200mA-LDO regulator with high input voltage (50V) – provides stable power supply inside engine control unit (ECU) and various other car applications.


    S-19311 Series – 200mA-LDO regulator with RESET function – fits with its compact TO-252-2S package (DPAK compatible) especially into smaller ECUs.


    S-19244 Series – 1A-LDO regulator with soft-start function – is designed especially for cutting-edge advance driver assistance systems (ADAS).


    S-19190 Series – Protection IC for electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) with cell-balancing function – prevents capacitor overcharge and simplifies balancing circuitry of series connected capacitors.


    Detailed information about all automotive products:


    SII Semiconductor Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturer in Seiko Instruments Group,  offers a wide range of analog semiconductor products featuring small size, low current consumption and high accuracy.


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Tue. May 28th, 2024

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