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TraxStar Technologies to Exhibit at Automotive Testing Expo October 2016

TraxStar Technologies to Exhibit at Automotive Testing Expo October 2016
TraxStar Technologies' QATrax is the leading software solution for test lab management

Optimizing resource scheduling and addressing visibility over test lab workflow are top priorities for businesses where getting product to market one day quicker does make a difference.  TraxStar Technologies  is exhibiting at the Automotive Testing Expo 2016 in Novi, Michigan October 25, 26 and 27 in Booth 7042.  TraxStar’s software, QATrax, is embraced by leading manufacturers in the automotive industry.


The software solution highlights resource management and scheduling visibility; auto scheduling and re-scheduling equipment and personnel; compliance and quality; project management and much more.


“We’re very excited to see our test lab solution becoming more popular in the auto industry,” commented a spokesperson from TraxStar.  “We are delivering real value in the scheduling and workflow area within the engineering lab arena. The quality of testing as well as efficient throughput is a major concern within the automotive industry.”


QATrax is specifically designed for the test lab environment of discrete manufacturers, tracking projects and their test plans through the product life cycle. QATrax handles work requests, equipment or devices under test, test methods and test sequences and is designed to support quality standards including ISO 17025.  Integrating Auto-Scheduling and Re-Scheduling functionality into the test request and testing process, QATrax rewards management, engineers and technicians with increased efficiency.  Providing real-time visibility across engineering groups and into test labs dispersed around the world has a significant impact on lab efficiency.


Decisions made from the vantage of real-time visibility reduce uncertainty in the product testing cycle which, in turn, results in fewer delays in getting product to market.


About TraxStar Technologies


TraxStar’s core strength is complex scheduling in dynamic environments. Organization maximize return on investment by speeding time to market, establishing best practices, and providing project visibility to all participants, from executives to team members. The company focuses QATrax on a broad range of discrete manufacturers.