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LHP Engineering Solutions Acquires National Instruments Powertrain Controls Group

LHP Engineering Solutions Acquires National Instruments Powertrain Controls Group

LHP Engineering Solutions, a U.S. based engineering services and technology integration company, is honored to announce the acquisition of a division of National Instruments called the Powertrain Controls Group (PCG). National Instruments (NI) is based in Austin, TX and provides an industry leading technology framework that accelerates productivity and drives rapid innovation. LHP has been involved in NI’s alliance partner network since 2008.  We welcome the opportunity to further cultivate our relationship with NI through this acquisition. The unveiling of our new LHP Technology Solutions division will include the NI Powertrain Controls Group along with LHP’s NI based platform technology and will become official on May 16, 2017.


Powertrain Controls Group (PCG) is based in San Antonio and originated as a startup company called Drivven and later acquired by National Instruments.  PCG has established cutting edge technology that allows for a direct interface with engines and subsystems. PCG offers a wide range of products, from ready-to-use, stand-alone direct injection systems to fully customizable combustion analysis and engine control solutions.  Through the PCG acquisition, LHP’s customers will be able to continue utilizing National Instruments technology and combine with our deep automotive domain knowledge specific to engine applications.


The added value that PCG provides LHP is the capability to assist in building Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test Systems based on National Instruments hardware. The HIL test systems are used to test embedded applications such as engine controls and autonomous vehicles.


Dave Glass, LHP CEO and cofounder, says, “We are excited for the opportunity to include PCG’s technology into our vision for delivering engineering solutions to the automotive industry. Not only does this strengthen our partnership with National Instruments, but this also allows us to leverage their extensive hardware expertise to enhance our current technology solutions offering.”


Please join us as we unveil the combined offering of LHP and PCG during NI Week (May 22nd -25th) at the Austin, TX. Convention Center.  NI Week provides technical experts the ultimate learning environment. Gain the tools and knowledge to increase your product proficiency and develop applications that are faster, smarter, and more cost-effective. During the show, PCG’s Engine Controls Systems (ECS) will be showcased alongside LHP’s Hardware-in-the-loop test system in booth #232.


The acquisition allows LHP to increase our capability in the automotive industry and grow as a technology solutions provider.  Ultimately, we aim to expand LHP’s overall hardware and engineering services operation into the Texas region as we continue to on our technology partnerships. Automobiles and engine technology are continuing to grow in complexity with towards autonomy and functional safety.   We are confident that the acquisition of PCG extends LHP’s position as a growing technology leader in providing engineering solutions for the transportation industry.

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