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Eyeris Launches Human Behavior Understanding AI Inside Autonomous and Highly Automated Vehicles

Eyeris Launches Human Behavior Understanding AI Inside Autonomous and Highly Automated Vehicles

Eyeris, a world pioneer and leader in vision AI for face analytics and emotion recognition today announced complementary technologies for body tracking and action and activity recognition, namely human behavior understanding (HBU) artificial intelligence, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018. Eyeris-branded demo vehicle for HBU AI inside autonomous and highly automated vehicles (HAVs) will be shown inside the Westgate Las Vegas.


Eyeris HBU AI Enables New Applications for Drivers and Occupants around Safety, Comfort, and Productivity


Eyeris HBU AI uses standard 2D cameras and provides emotion recognition from facial micro-expressions, over 30 face reading analytics, body tracking, and action and activity recognition. Eyeris offers the following new applications:


*            Safety—Eyeris Driver Monitoring AI augments advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and human-machine interface (HMI) and enables transition between different levels of autonomy.

*            Comfort—Eyeris Occupants monitoring AI offers in-cabin ambient intelligence and dynamic interior configurations such as lighting, controls, etc.

*            Productivity—Eyeris HBU AI enables 3rd party mobility service providers with hyper-targeted demographics and behavior insights.


“For the first time ever, we’re closing the loop on Human Behavior Understanding through vision AI,” said Modar Alaoui, founder and chief executive officer, Eyeris. “We’re especially excited to offer our new and existing automotive customers unique vision AI capabilities that combine edge-computing for both face and body tracking analytics from standard 2D cameras. This enables a new breed of qualitative analytics for occupants’ action and activity recognition, which are never seen before.”


Major Carmakers, Tier-one Suppliers, and Non-traditional Transportation Firm Adopt Eyeris HBU AI


Eyeris’ driver and occupant monitoring AI won the TU Automotive Awards in 2017. “Eyeris really stands out in the wide range of driver monitoring tools out there,” TU Automotive judges stated. The company has been nominated for the industry awards annually since 2015.


Eyeris automotive customers include Toyota Motor Corporation, Bosch, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Honda Motor Co., HELLA, Toyota Research Institute, a major U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer and a leading European OEM among others. Additionally, Eyeris’ technology is being adopted by the non-traditional transportation company, NEXT Future Transportation, Inc.


“Eyeris enables NEXT with an overall visual understating of occupants’ state to gauge rider satisfaction on public transit or customer satisfaction in customer-agent interactions,” said Emmanuele Spera, founder and chief executive officer, NEXT. “Eyeris allows us to gain better insights to provide safer and more courteous public transportation, further motivating commuters to use these services, including end-to-end multi-modal travel.”


Eyeris, an invited GENIVI member, will be present at the alliance’s annual showcase event during CES 2018 on January 9. GENIVI, a consortium of the world’s leading automotive brands, provides standards and an open connectivity platform that accelerates innovative solutions, and a collaborative environment with world-class connected car stakeholders.


Eyeris-Enabled Social Robots, Surveillance Cameras, and Embedded Systems Also to Showcase at CES 2018


Eyeris’ vision AI technology is being adopted by companies in the U.S. and Asia to develop and augment social robots, featuring emotion recognition and face analytics capabilities for enhanced human-robot interaction (HRI). AvatarMind’s iPal®, a humanoid robot with Eyeris technology inside, will be shown at AvatarMind’s booth at LVCC, South Hall 2 – 25617.


LITE-ON Technology Corporation’s surveillance camera using Eyeris’ vision AI technology for body tracking and face reading analytics will be demonstrated at their booth at LVCC, North Hall – 3734.


Eyeris will also showcase, by-invitation-only, several demos for various embedded systems at its private suite at the Westgate Las Vegas.


About Eyeris

Eyeris is a world pioneer and leader of vision AI for Human Behavior Understanding. Eyeris HBU AI offers the world’s most advanced and most comprehensive suite of face analytics and real-time body tracking with its edge-processing and cloud-based solutions. The company’s vision AI is used in today’s commercial applications such as automotive, robotics, and video analytics. Eyeris, a winner of the 2017 TU Automotive Awards, holds the world’s largest in-cabin dataset for driver and occupant monitoring and has the widest range of supported automotive-grade embedded systems. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., the company’s R&D lab in San Jose focuses on software optimization and customization of its deep-learning models to specific products and environments such as driver and occupant monitoring AI for autonomous and highly-automated vehicles, and human-robot interaction for social robotics. Learn more at