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Servo Presses Demonstrate Near-Fine Blanking, HSLA Blanking, Increased Productivity,

Visit us @ FABTECH® Atlanta 2018, AIDA-America Booth A2009
Servo Presses Demonstrate Near-Fine Blanking

AIDA-America, Dayton, OH, USA, will demonstrate industry leading servo press technology in booth A2009 at FABTECH® Atlanta 2018.


Two AIDA DSF Series direct drive servo presses will be on display, powered-up and blanking parts at this year’s FABTECH® show taking place from November 6 through 8 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA. The first, an AIDA DSF-C1-1100, 110-ton, gap frame servo press, will be blanking HSLA parts with AIDA’s optimized servo silent blanking stroke motion profile, which can only be achieved on a servo press. This demonstration will also highlight the versatility of AIDA servo presses and show how they can improve virtually any stamping operation. These improvements include increased productivity, improved part quality, extended die life, and reduced maintenance, as well as addressing many more important issues for those in the stamping industry. The second AIDA DSF Series press on display, a DSF-N2-3000, 300-ton, two-point straightside servo press, will be part of a full progressive die production line blanking near-fine parts. AIDA’s industry leading servo technology will demonstrate how servo near-fine blanking can produce a 90%+ burnished surface with a straight edge, exceeding the typical 70%-80%


AIDA-America will also be coordinating with Dallas Industries and Pax Products for this demonstration.


burnished edge requirement of many applications. The combination of AIDA DSFSeries servo press accuracy and programmability is utilized to transition near-fine parts from a high-cost ,labor intensive machine process to a much more efficient, economical stamping process, presenting the opportunity to dramatically reduce the per piece cost. AIDA DSFSeries servo presses also provide more flexibility to the pressroom than traditional fine blanking presses. This production line is made possible through the cooperation of Portland Products, Inc., Portland, MI, who will be taking delivery of the press afterFABTECH®. AIDA-America will also be coordinating with Dallas Industries and Pax Products for this demonstration.


Additionally, AIDAwill be exhibiting its exclusive Allen-Bradley based servo press control, the latest in servo press control technology, for servo presses from315 –3,500 tons. This fully operational and interactive Allen-Bradley control will demonstrate several servo press stroke motion profiles in real-time on a virtual press.


AIDA-America associates will be available to discuss examples of production optimization driven by AIDA DSFSeries servo presses used in the stamping industry. They will share how these infinitely programmable presses can help maximize stampers’ productivity and profit in the pressroom.


AIDA is a global leader in the design, manufacture, sale, service and support, refurbishment and modernization of metal stamping presses and metal forming automation equipment. AIDA servo and mechanical stamping presses range in capacity from 30to 4,000 tons, from 1 to 1,500 strokes per minute, from gap frame to straightside, high speed to cold forging, transfer and progressive die, material handling and coil feeding equipment; AIDA provides one of the broadest selections of complete metalforming systems froma single manufacturer. With a worldwide network of sales and service locations in nearly 40 cities across 20 countries, press installations exceeding 80,000 units in over 60 countries worldwide, producing a range of products for industries such as automotive, appliance, electronics and electrical, AIDA is truly a global metalforming solutions provider.Learn more about AIDA

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