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Idrive Announces the AI Cam: A Dash Cam with a Mind of its Own

Idrive announces the AI Cam, an all-new intelligent dual-facing camera with innovative features and actionable results. The idrive AI Cam is a next-generation dash camera with technology that identifies and interprets human driving behavior, generating critical data to improve driver performance and save lives. Idrive is a leading provider of Artificially Intelligent (AI) software and hardware for highly accurate driver monitoring.


The AI Cam can replace up to 10 transportation peripherals with one single device. The camera’s hardware features High Definition Video, an OLED Display for in-cab alerts and an 8-core processor embedded with AI for advanced computing. The camera is equipped to provide a wide array of connections including: Wi-Fi, Cellular, or Bluetooth LE. These advanced hardware features were built with the specific goal of creating a robust camera that could handle the advanced computing that computer vision and artificial intelligence require.


The idrive AI Cam’s software and AI based features (live video telematics, accident alerts, facial recognition, seatbelt detection, distracted and drowsy driving detection, accident prediction and safe distance warning), all exceed 90% accuracy on all AI event detection. Idrive is further expanding its AI capabilities to exceed the growing needs of the market, with more impressive AI features on the way Q1 of 2020.


The events recorded by the AI Cam are triggered by AI, wired, manual and internal triggers, which are captured and then uploaded via cellular connection to idrive’s intelligent cloud-based management platform, iris. The AI Cam, together with the iris platform, create a powerful system for transportation professionals to receive all their fleet management insights in one place.


“With over 10 years in the industry we have gained the critical data and expertise to develop the cutting-edge technology needed for the AI Cam. We have been developing this camera for a little over 2 years now and we are very eager to share it with the market,” stated Florin Pasol, CTO of idrive.


The idrive AI Cam will begin shipping in November 2019 and will be first come first serve, with priority given to existing clients.


For more information, call 1(805) 308-6094, email  or visit


About idrive, Inc.:


Idrive, Inc., is a global leader in Video Telematics and Artificial Intelligence based services for the transportation industry. With over 10 years in the industry and one of the world’s biggest repositories of labeled and verified video data, idrive’s intelligent systems are enhanced by over 11 billion miles of driving data, deep learning and industry insights to produce a leading product that has saved hundreds of lives by preventing collisions through improved driving behavior. Idrive engineers and manufactures its products in-house and its award-winning AI cameras are made in the USA. For all the latest idrive news follow us: Facebook and Twitter @idriveGlobal and LinkedIn


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