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Growth of Automechanika Shanghai mirrors the Chinese auto sector

Growth of Automechanika Shanghai mirrors the Chinese auto sector

This year’s Automechanika Shanghai will echo the evolution of the automotive ecosystem and the advancements that are remapping the automotive value chain.

They include emerging technologies and the concept of networks and knowledge sharing. In response Automechanika Shanghai 2019 will place more focus on digitalization, future technologies and services than before, as well as shaping more opportunities in the fringe program to work closer with research institutes and the wider auto community.

The 15th edition of Automechanika Shanghai will be held from the 3rd to the 6th of December, 2019, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China. According to the organizers, they expect to host over 6,320 exhibitors across 360,000m2 of exhibition space. A growing number of special sectors, zones and fringe program events will reflect many of the latest advancements and rising trends throughout numerous areas of the industry.

Automotive Industries (AI) asked Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK), how have Messe Frankfurt’s 25 years in China and its progress mirrored the corresponding economic growth of the country. Chiew: Since its founding in 1949, the People’s Republic of China has undergone various stages of economic reform, resulting in ever greater participation in global markets. Policies and strategies which have been implemented include the introduction of foreign investment into local markets, and the launch of the country’s “Belt & Road Initiative” in 2013.

AI: How will this year’s Automechanika Shanghai reflect the growth of the Chinese automotive industry? Chiew: When the show first opened its doors back in 2004, it hosted just 235 exhibitors and 9,000 visitors. In 2018, 150,568 visitors filtered through every corner of the NECC. Looking to the future, we plan to collaborate further with research institutes universities, industry organizations, finance and insurance firms, and the wider automotive community, so that we can work together and advance the fair’s automotive ecosystem.

The Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility sector will demonstrate the show’s strengthened ability for emphasizing digital trends and connectivity. Research suggests that the connected vehicle market in Asia Pacific is expected to reach US$47.4 billion by 2023. The highlights at this year’s event will be on the communication between vehicle, infrastructure, pedestrians and networks. Another focus area will be the Supply Chain and Chain Store Zone, which will focus on China’s robust automotive aftermarket. In 2018 cars aged between four and nine accounted for 50% vehicles on the road, consequently bringing the demand for auto repairs and maintenance to an all-time high. The zone welcomes a strong collection of domestic and overseas dealers, retailers and service providers who are currently utilizing e-commerce and new business models in the service value chain. Through automation powered by big data, predictive analytics, mobility and IoT (Internet of Things), they highlight many of the ways that connectivity is helping to establish more ties with consumers as the sector moves closer to an end-user approach. Automechanika Shanghai 2019 is also recognizing the importance of customization – estimates project that the global market is likely to yield more than US$253,000 million by the end of 2024.

The Customizing sector will cover 44,000m2 of space. It will feature sport exhaust systems, sport air filters, and sport chassis, as well as engine tuning, audio modification, seats, recreational vehicles (RV) and off-road vehicle modification. Personalization will also be a key element in the sector with interior design, bodywork elements, car wrapping, spray painting, and airbrush systems on display. Additionally, organic light-emitting diode (OLED), laser and intelligent lights have led to more creative and technological innovation throughout the sector.

AI: What conferences will be hosted? Chiew: They include the Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2019, The China International Tire Industry Conference 2019, The Tomorrow’s Service and Mobility Summit 2019, the Connected Mobility Conference, the Body & Paint World Championships, and the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium (IBIS China 2019). There will also be a number of fringe events.   


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