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Donkervoort expands its dealer network with four new partners

Donkervoort Automobielen B.V. is steadily expanding its network of authorised dealers & service points. In addition to its own facilities in Lelystad and Düsseldorf, Donkervoort is represented in Belgium and France but now also in Spain, Switzerland and Israel.


In its more than 41 years of existence, Donkervoort Automobielen B.V. has built many sports cars for enthusiasts all over the world. Donkervoort wants to make the life of Donkervoort owners easier by appointing dealers in strategic places in most European countries.


Denis Donkervoort, General Manager at Donkervoort Automobielen B.V. explains:


“We see a continuous growth in interest for our products worldwide since the introduction of the GTO-series back in 2012. I am convinced that you can only understand what a Donkervoort is if you have driven one. Therefore, we see it as essential to have demonstration cars available for test-drives spread all over Europe for potential buyers to get a first impression of what our cars are capable of.


Also, it is very important to us that all existing Donkervoort drivers over the world get the most driving pleasure out of their car. This is only possible if the car is correctly maintained and in good condition. Therefore, we work together with partners that receive an extensive training on Donkervoort cars at the Donkervoort factory. In this way we can make sure that Donkervoort drivers get the right level of service wherever they live.”



Recently 4 partners were added to the list of official Donkervoort dealers and service points:


BARCELONA | Auto Storica


Auto Storica enjoys a good reputation in the world of classic cars and historic motorcycles. In the last 28 years Auto Storica has restored more than 940 classic cars. In its 11,500 m² building located just a few minutes away from Barcelona Airport, Auto Storica offers many services such as sheet metal forming, wood restoration, electronics restauration, engine overhaul, interior trimming, etc. Auto Storica also works on modern cars with a classic feel. A visit to Auto Storica is an experience that takes you back straight to the past when cars were built only to create emotions. Their craftsmanship and rich experience make Auto Storica the perfect partner for the maintenance of Donkervoort sports cars in Spain and in the South of France.


Oliver Lescanf, Managing Director of Auto Storica says:


“Donkervoort offers all the fantastic aspects of historic sports cars, without the disadvantages. As restoration experts, we put quality and precision first. This suits Donkervoort and its sports cars perfectly. We look forward to sharing our passion with Donkervoort drivers!”





Garage GTA is the address for owners of classic cars and supercars in and around Geneva (Switzerland). The company maintains and repairs cars of all brands, with a focus on rare and exclusive cars. Garage GTA specializes in supercars from small manufacturers, which makes the company the perfect technical partner for Donkervoort. As an official Donkervoort Dealer, garage GTA offers various Donkervoort related activities, such as sales and test drives, maintenance and service, technical support on track, etc.



Antonia D’Alba, Managing Director of Garage GTA S.A. says:


“We are very happy to finally find a brand that stands out from the crowd, no more cars that all look alike, no comprise..! Donkervoort really fits with our idea of the real sports car, powerful and light. We have always tended to do things out of passion, we look forward to getting our Donkervoort GTO-JD70 to represent these fantastic sports cars in Geneva and in Switzerland.”



TEL AVIV | Auto Italia


Donkervoort will also be present outside of Europe. Guy Hay and his friend Alexander Sasha Guryonov have a real passion for rare and pure sports cars. Together they are spreading the Donkervoort name in Israel. The garage of Guy Hay, Auto Italia, specializes on servicing sport cars and race cars from the golden age of driving. Donkervoort perfectly fits in this perspective as Auto Italia offers service and maintenance on Donkervoort cars near Tel Aviv. Dr. Alexander Sasha Guryonov is the brand Ambassador for Donkervoort in Israel, he knows what Donkervoort is about and shares this passion with fellow car enthusiasts



Dr. Alexander Sasha Guryonov says:


“From the very moment I discovered Donkervoort, I knew these cars would be perfect for Israel. I first started to convince some friends and now there is a complete community around Donkervoort in Tel Aviv. With Guy Hay taking care of the cars I am confident that Donkervoort will become a strong name here in Israel.”


MÜNCHEN | Exklusive Kollektion


If you are looking for a lightweight sports car in Southern Germany, Exclusive Collection with over 10 years of experience in this segment is the right contact. Exclusive Collection focuses its activities on the sale and maintenance of sports cars and exotics. The company has locations in Munich, Nuremberg and Dresden. The Exclusive Collection has a team that is fully committed to the principle of “less is more”. Together with Mike Schön, a long-time Donkervoort enthusiast, Stephan Carstens and his Donkervoort team will represent Donkervoort in the Munich region.


Mike Schön says:


“As a long time Donkervoort customer I know how much service is important in order to enjoy my Donkervoort to the fullest. Here in Munich we have a strong community of sport cars enthusiasts and also the perfect roads and passes to enjoy driving nearby. Donkervoort creates unique cars that will find many fans in Southern Germany. I look forward to sharing my passion for Donkervoort!”



The Donkervoort network


These four new partners complete the Donkervoort network in Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Israel. The rest of the network is composed of the following companies that have shown their passion for Donkervoort cars and their talent in the past years.



DÜSSELDORF | Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH


The German branch of Donkervoort has been installed in the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf since the end of 2016. This subsidiary offers sales, technical services as well as test drives. Since the beginning of 2020, Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH is managed by Henning Mühlhaus, a successful entrepreneur and keen sportcars driver with a passion for pure cars. With Henning Mühlhaus on board, Donkervoort Automobielen GmbH also offers sales services for cars of other brands that our customers trade in when getting their Donkervoort.



Furthermore basic maintenance works on Donkervoort cars are made in the Donkervoort workshop in the Classic Remise. Extended service and upgrades are fulfilled at the factory in Lelystad. Donkervoort organizes all the logistics required for the transfer of the cars between Lelystad and Düsseldorf. The Classic Remise is a fantastic place dedicated to special cars. Paying a visit to the Classic Remise is always a great thing to do.



PARIS | Beaumont Automobiles


Beaumont Automobiles has been working together with Donkervoort for the past couple of years. Beaumont Automobiles is located in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris, just steps away from the world-famous Eiffel Tower, and offers a unique location to discover Donkervoort. Beaumont Automobiles also offers service on Donkervoort cars right in the city center. Do not hesitate to drop by during a visit in Paris, Steven and Aurelien will be happy to share their passion for special and unique cars with you.



BRUSSELS | Van Eyken Motors


Located in a brand-new facility just outside of Brussels (Belgium), Van Eyken Motors is the Donkervoort specialist for Belgium. Kenny Van Eyken and his team will receive you in a very nice place dedicated to exclusive sport cars. Kenny has a beautiful Donkervoort GTO-40 on display and he has the knowledge and experience to help you keep your Donkervoort in perfect condition.



ORLÉANS | Exigence Racing


Founded by Nicolas Ferrer, a keen racing driver with experiences in GT and Prototype racing, Exigence Racing is a center for race and lightweight sportcars. Exigence Racing helps you get the most out of your car on track or on the road. With a strong team of trained mechanics, Exigence Racing will help you adjust your car to perfection. Exigence Racing has been working with Donkervoort for the last 4 years to offer you the best service possible.





Sylvain Bernard is a very well-known name when it comes to Donkervoort in France. With its company CPL Sport, Sylvain has been working on Donkervoort cars for the past 12 years. CPL Sport is a specialist in the homologation of older Donkervoort models in France. Along the years Sylvain acquired an extensive knowledge on the technics of all Donkervoort models.


Further expansion of the Donkervoort dealer network


The Donkervoort team is always happy to greet new potential partners. If you think that your company has the skills and passion to add Donkervoort to its activities, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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