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Automechanika Shanghai 2020 on track to help steer the global motor industry

Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK).

Changing consumer patterns were disrupting the global automotive industry well before Covid-19. These changes are reflected in the theme for Automechanika Shanghai 2020, which is “navigating a dynamic automotive ecosystem”.

Set to be one of the only international automotive exhibitions and conferences in 2020, Automechanika Shanghai will provide an opportunity for attendees to look beyond Covid-19. “With digital trends molding
consumer demands and expectations, questions arise as to how new technologies are transforming the future car. The sectors will share resources that promote intelligent transformation, digitalization, energy-saving and sustainability.

Together, these areas will highlight the value of new co-created technologies and the growing opportunities in the market,” says Cheng Yongshun, Vice President of China National Machinery Industry International (Sinomachint). Automechanika Shanghai is organized by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) and Sinomachint.

Now in its 16th edition, the show is set to host 5,300 exhibitors across seven dedicated sectors and three specialized zones from 2 to 5 December 2020 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). It incorporates all elements of manufacturing, supply networks, services, new business models and information technology.

“As the industry starts to spring back from the effects of Covid-19, we believe that highly influential platforms like Automechanika Shanghai play a crucial role rejuvenating the market. It is our mission to help players
unlock their potential. Therefore, we are continuing to realign our resources by utilizing new digital tools, spurred on by the pandemic, to support global automotive industry recovery before, during, and after the show,” says Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK).

Automotive Industries (AI) asked Chiew what measures will be in place to protect exhibitors and visitors.
Chiew: In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, organizers are working with local authorities to ensure appropriate safety parameters are upheld. These measures are to safeguard the health and safety of all stakeholders so that the show remains a secure platform for business. For example, some key practices for participants will include wearing a face mask, temperate checks, social distancing, as well as observing and complying with the travel and quarantine regulations in Shanghai.

All measures in the guidelines are subject to change in response to the latest developments. More details about the show’s practices can be found on the Automechanika Shanghai website.

AI: Please tell us more about how the show reflects the automotive ecosystem.
Chiew: With companies around the world now competing in a new automotive era, many are having to refocus their strategies to effectively meet the market’s changing needs. Therefore, Automechanika Shanghai 2020 takes on a theme that echoes the last edition’s progressive concept of its position in the automotive ecosystem: “Navigating a dynamic automotive ecosystem” will drive the fair towards new heights, as it builds an integrated
platform for technological innovation, internet-based content and cross-sector cooperation. It is engaging other related industries like tech and finance, in addition to welcoming more innovative start-up companies. Collaboration between these wider parties and the industry will trigger a host of new services, business models, solutions and development opportunities.

AI: How does the 2020 show mirror a shift towards consumer-driven business models, digitalization and collaboration within inter related sectors?
Chiew: The show continues to mirror a shift towards consumerdriven business models, digitalization and collaboration by constantly adjusting how sectors can reflect current trends and industry needs. To illustrate, Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility has become an international epicenter for innovation where upstream and horizontal participants can forge new partnerships with one another.

It acts as an incubation hub for start-ups that are exposed to high-quality buyers offering possibilities to commercialize their forward-thinking products, technologies and concepts. Through wider engagement with industry players, it also supports industryacademia-research with a collection of local and overseas associations, research institutes, commercial corporations and venture capital companies developing new energy vehicles, mobility, autonomous driving and road infrastructure.

What’s more, companies are now also maximizing data gathered from information systems, databases and software, as well as optimizing supply channels and immersing end-users into processes. The Services & Supply Chain zone will reflect these changing distribution networks in the supply chain and the future developments in the service sector. It will offer more breadth of coverage from chain stores, data management, e-commerce platforms and supply chain specialists, on top of auto finance, insurance, talent acquisition, training and education.

AI: How is this reflected in the new layout and zones?
Chiew: The revamped Diagnostics & Repair / Body & Paint sector will present separate product categories for Body & Paint and Intelligent Diagnostics. It will sit next to the highlighted Accessories, Customizing and REIFEN (Tires & Wheels) sectors and Services & Supply Chain zone on the upper level of the exhibition ground. The move comes as a response to the synergy of resources those sectors share, as they set to attract global exhibitors and visitors from OEMs, dealers, tire servicing and workshops to name a few.

Elsewhere on the lower level, exhibitors in the Parts & Components, Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility and the extended Electronics & Connectivity sectors will address the fundamental industry changes brought forward as a result of digitalization

AI: What are the highlights of Automechanika Shanghai 2020?
Chiew: In addition to approximately 50 fringe events and activities on the show floor, this year Automechanika Shanghai will step up its online resources to reconnect players across the ecosystem. These resources focus on supporting players overcome some of the challenges arising from the pandemic and opening up channels of communication between exhibitors and visitors.

  • In the coming months, Automechanika Shanghai will continue to convene key market leaders, specialists and consultancies in its webinar series discussing future prospects in the auto industry
  • Prior to the show, globally accessible online matchmaking events will create a pathway for matched pairs to understand more about potential suppliers
  • Extra matchmaking and digital hybrid events are set to provide exclusive sourcing and educational opportunities during the fair itself.

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