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“Hey Mercedes” is about to get a whole lot smarter as it joins the world’s largest IoT ecosystem

SmartThings, the leader in smart home automation, announces its technology will power Mercedes-Benz’s latest smart home function, giving drivers and passengers unprecedented ability to use their vehicle as a control center for the home. The commercial launch with the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class represents the first native in-car voice assistant system to be integrated into a smart home platform. It offers drivers, as well as passengers, remote connectivity to thousands of intelligent devices made by hundreds of brands supported by SmartThings’ open IoT ecosystem.


Recognizing the evolution of IoT, SmartThings has been committed to working with partners to bring smart functionality and capabilities everywhere consumers want to be. Car-to-home experiences represent yet another step in creating a universal smart home standard while simplifying development for manufacturers and increasing compatibility for consumers.


By unlocking the vast power of the SmartThings platform, Mercedes-Benz customers will enjoy first-of-their-kind capabilities when they leave their house or are heading home after a long day at work. Drivers and passengers can seamlessly connect and control many aspects of their home environment including lights, locks, thermostats, electric outlets, garage door openers, sensors, and home security systems, all through Mercedes-Benz’s integrated voice assistant.  Using natural language, such as “Hey Mercedes, did I forget to turn off my lights at home?” to “Hey Mercedes, is anyone at home”, the MBUX Voice Assistant minimizes distraction, allowing drivers to focus on the road in front of them and know that everything is alright at home. Additionally, passengers in the rear seats can also enjoy the full scope of the smart home integration and interact with their smart homes.


“SmartThings is focused on accelerating the creation of an open IoT ecosystem powered by its technology and is continuously innovating to connect all smart devices with one another,” said Ralf Elias, global vice president, IoT & Business Development at SmartThings. “Powering car-to-home and home-to-car capabilities is the next logical step in that journey, and we’re thrilled to bring SmartThings to an important environment where people spend a lot of their time – their Mercedes-Benz.”


SmartThings is the industry leader for consumer IoT technology and its open platform brings together devices, developers, and services to offer one of the largest ecosystems of integrated devices. Connecting over 10 million homes, 120 certified brands, and more than 62 million active users, SmartThings provides innovation to ease the use of everyday living, allowing the home – and now car – to take care of its owner with a simple voice command or touch of a button.


SmartThings unlocks endless possibilities of connectivity from within the car and while inside the home.  From monitoring an elderly loved one to being alerted about a grocery item when you’re driving by a store, SmartThings’ integration with Mercedes-Benz adds to the robust features of the luxury car. Bridging the gap between car and home, SmartThings offers the reliability that drivers trust.


SmartThings technology will be available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, starting with the S-Class, beginning in 2021. For more information about SmartThings, please visit


About SmartThings:


SmartThings is the easiest way to turn a home into a smart home, making it simple to connect and control your devices from anywhere. As the industry leader for consumer IoT technology, SmartThings’ open platform brings together devices, developers, and services to offer one of the largest ecosystems of integrated devices – connecting more than 62 million active users with support for more than 5,000 devices for limitless possibilities. Founded in 2012, SmartThings is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. For more information, visit


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Tue. May 28th, 2024

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