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Lenz Reichert becomes the new Head of Sales at TDM Systems

Lenz Reichert, the new Head of Global Sales and Marketing at the leading software provider for managing tool data – TDM Systems, is assuming the duties of Eugen Bollinger who, from October, will work to expand the key account business of the Tübingen-based company. With this restructuring of sales, the software provider wants to drive forward digitalization globally for machining companies and, as a result, see even greater global growth.


Reichert is moving to TDM Systems in Tübingen after working for over 13 years in sales at Siemens Industry Software GmbH. Dietmar Bohn, Managing Director of TDM Systems, promises that the appointment of Reichert as “Head of Global Sales and Marketing” will bring about an enormous surge in growth for TDM Systems. In various management positions at Siemens Industry Software GmbH, Reichert already successfully developed sales organizations and structures in order to offer software solutions for digital transformation to companies in various markets.


Reichert, who, according to Bohn, was therefore able to impressively increase turnover in his previous department “Business Vertical Industry”, will work with his team very soon to formulate the first cornerstones for planned growth. In addition to achieving the specified sales targets, Reichert, who graduated in business administration, will also focus on optimizing the economic conditions in software and service sales.


Reichert, who has worked successfully in software sales for around 25 years, chose TDM Systems because their growth strategy offered him enormous creative opportunities for marketing. He will use this creative freedom to further roll out the solutions from TDM Systems on a global scale.


Reichert is taking over the position from Eugen Bollinger, who led sales and marketing at TDM Systems for 13 years. Bollinger has chosen to now focus exclusively on supporting the company’s key accounts. A task that he feels is essential “in order to exploit the full potential for the customers and their suppliers, and to further develop individual software and service offerings”.


Reichert, who is eager to get to know the needs and demands in the market as soon as possible, is certain that the key account business will be a crucial factor for success in the growth strategy. This is because, by doing this, “we succeed in offering tailor-made solutions in good time”. Reichert and Bollinger are on the same page when it comes to the growth opportunities of TDM Systems: The digital transformation will continue to accelerate. Digital Tool Data Management from TDM will help companies remain competitive, even where they have to be increasingly efficient with their production processes.


About TDM Systems


For over 25 years, TDM Systems GmbH, Tübingen has been the leading provider of Tool Data Management in the area of machining. With the tool life-cycle management strategy, TDM Systems is focusing specifically on process optimization through optimal tool planning and provisioning. Creating and editing tool data and graphics, integrating tool expertise and 3D graphics into the CAM engineering, and organizing the complete tool circulation at the shop-floor level are the three core competencies of TDM Systems and the pillars of the TLM strategy. As a member of the Sandvik Group, TDM Systems draws on the expertise of various tool manufacturers when developing its software products.


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Wed. April 17th, 2024

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