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New generation, environmentally friendly degreasers & oil spill clean-up products for commerce and industry

London based T&T Eco is offering a range of high-performance ecological cleaning and oil-spill remediation products to the UK market.

The company’s Oil Spill Eater (OSE II) is the only biological remediation product to be approved for use in UK waters and on land by the Marine Management Organisation. OSE ll is designed to absorb and totally break down hydrocarbons and is claimed to be the world’s most environmentally safe and cost-effective bioremediation product for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination.

T&T Eco says that OSE II is an environmentally safe clean-up method because it uses nature’s own bioremediation process to effectively eliminate hazardous materials. OSE II is not a bacteria, fertilizer or dispersant product and does not contain any non-indigenous organisms either. OSE II contains nutrients that attracts indigenous bacteria which rapidly colonise and grow in numbers, speeding up spill remediation. OSE II is a biological enzyme that converts the waste into a natural food source for the native bacteria found in the environment, and the end result is only CO2 and water.

Other products included in the new portfolio include MAK Chem Speciality Degreasers for production line, workshop, factory floor and industrial applications which are environmentally clean and practical without compromising performance. Moreover, they are highly concentrated and are said to deliver excellent results while typically being biodegradable, non-toxic and containing no measurable VOC’s.

ProCleanSorb and Flood Sax are two additional new products in a larger range of oil spill containment products.

ProCleanSorb is a natural absorbent product produced from peat using a patented process that is available in a loose, granulated form as well as formed within a porous geotextile material into a range of ready-to-deploy booms, mats and pads.

Floodsax is a lightweight (370g) Ecological alternative to a Sandbag. It is highly absorbent! Energising within 3-5 minutes it will take up to 21 Litres of water/liquid to form a clean, effective and stackable flood barrier. Compact in design and easy to carry, store and transport directly to where needed in the shortest time and with the minimum of effort.

Completing the launch line up from T&T Eco is the Triple7 range of cleaning products which are completely solvent and chemical free. Triple7 BioConcentrate can be used effectively to rapidly, cleanly and efficiently remove a wide range of oil contamination and spills including mineral oils, crude oil, heavy oil, residual fuels, diesel, kerosene, central heating fuel, white spirits and wide range of commercial, domestic and industrial lubricants.

T&T Eco managing director Mike Page has more than 30 years of hands-on engineering and manufacturing experience, much of it shop-floor based, and observes “A combination of legislation together with corporate and social responsibility is driving industry and commerce towards cleaner, greener and non-damaging remediation and cleaning products.

T&T Eco believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to avoid hazards and pollutants, to put safety first and for companies to minimise their employee’s use of and exposure to harmful solvents & chemicals, as well as ensure that where chemicals are needed & used, that they are both controlled and disposed of responsibly.

T&T Eco’s new additions offer users the very latest high performance, solvent-free solutions across a wide application base.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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