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Crankcase oil is the lifeblood of every internal combustion engine.  Even under ideal driving conditions and with meticulous maintenance, every engine sheds a little metal.  These tiny particles of grit pass easily through the oil filter and start a chain-reaction of wear.  This causes the engine to run hotter as the oil prematurely breaks down resulting in diminished fuel efficiency, performance, and service life.

When the oil fails to protect, engine components are forever compromised.  This is why, over the past 60 years, automotive grade motor oils have evolved – all in an effort to offer better engine protection.  However, the performance of any motor oil relies on the effectiveness of the oil filter.

Oil filters have seen few changes since the early 1970’s.  Most trap particles in the 40-micron range and larger and offer varying grades of filter paper to catch contaminates prior to the oil returning to the engine – the better the filter element, the more particles that are trapped, and the better the oil will perform.  However, even the most effective oil filter elements can’t remove the most destructive of contaminates – microscopic metal fragments.  Worse yet, when the filter element gets “clogged” with debris, the filter’s bypass valve opens sending unfiltered oil to all vital engine components.  Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets reduce filter clogging and provides protection even if the filter goes into bypass.

“In as little as 10-seconds, Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets™ turn any standard oil filter into a Super Oil Filter,” said Magna-Guard, Inc. CEO, Ron McElroy.  “Oil is changed not because it has lost its lubricity, but because it gets dirty . . . and the majority of these particles, 70-80 percent, are in the 8-10 micron range – the same thickness of the oil film that separates components when the engine is under load.  Controlling these contaminates not only reduces friction, heat, and wear, it also improves compression by reducing piston ring gap.  That’s why we see an improvement in fuel economy and a reduction in tailpipe emissions. This is what makes Magna-Guard such an important oil filter upgrade,” McElroy added.

Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets are SAE “Tested Engine Safe”.  The powerful 3850 gauss magnets are rated to a temperature of 842° Fahrenheit and uniquely designed to insert directly into spin-on filters or between the pleats of cartridge filters.  They have been proven to vastly improve lubrication by removing 40-times more grit and dirt particles than standard oil filters can on their own.

For quick-lubes and fast-lane service providers, Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets are the perfect up-sell that doesn’t slow down your service lane.  “Whether your customer is buying your “Good”, “Better” or “Best” oil change, Magna-Guard provides benefits and results that your customers can verify.

Magna-Guard has received a “Best New Product Award” and glowing reviews from Motor Trend, Popular Mechanics and many other consumer and trade experts.   Adding Magna-Guard to your service menu providers a quick, easy to install, low-cost oil change service upgrade that boosts consumer loyalty and increases ticket averages in one environmentally and economically responsible product.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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