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E4 Computer Engineering and Run:AI Announce their Partnership to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence

E4 Computer Engineering, the Italian leading provider of high performance solutions for HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Containerization, announces its partnership with Run:AI, an Israeli-based company which helps customers execute on their AI initiatives quickly and with the most efficient resources allocation.


Developing training models of neural networks for Artificial Intelligence processes requires the processing of large amounts of data and the use of parallel computing. To accomplish these operations, companies use GPU-based systems. However, it is not always easy being able to control the times and costs of these operations. Data science teams struggle to allocate and control compute resources for optimal speed and utilization and reduced costs.


For this reason, Run:AI has developed the world’s first compute management platform to orchestrate and accelerate AI. With this platform, IT teams stay in control and gain real-time visibility, including viewing and provisioning the runtime, queuing, and GPU usage of each job. A virtual resource pool allows IT leaders to view and allocate compute resources across multiple sites, both on-premises and in the cloud. The Run: AI platform is based on Kubernetes, allowing for easy integration with leading open-source frameworks.


E4 Computer Engineering complete its GPU-based High Performance Solutions with Run:AI platform, to offer customer a 360 degrees solution, able to make the most of GPU resources in data-intensive computations.

The collaboration between E4 and Run:AI will, in fact, bring numerous benefits to the customers of both companies.


“With the GPU optimization software solution created by Run:AI, the customer will have the certainty of always making the most of the GPUs available, prioritizing queued jobs in the most efficient way and ensuring the most efficient workloads distribution” – said Cosimo Gianfreda, CTO at E4 Computer Engineering.  “E4’s experience on high-performance hardware and its integration with the latest generation open-source software solutions, such as Kaptain or Fluctus, guarantee the customer that the infrastructure on which to implement Run:AI is always the best possible”.


“Run:AI is excited to collaborate with E4 Computer Engineering, our trusted partner in Italy, to bring greater GPU efficiency to their customers,” said Omri Geller, CEO and co-founder of Run:AI. “The Italian AI industry, including research institutions and large enterprise companies, is advanced and growing. We look forward to working with many Italian companies to help speed data science initiatives.”


E4 Computer Engineering

E4 Computer Engineering creates and supplies hardware and software solutions for High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing (Private and Hybrid), containerization, High Performance Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Virtualization. The growth of recent years has led the company to complete its offer with the inclusion of various open-source technologies such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, and tools for the implementation of a CI / CD toolchain.



Run:AI is a cloud-native compute management platform for the AI era. Run:AI gives data scientists access to all of the pooled compute power they need to accelerate AI development and deployment – whether on-premises or in the cloud. The platform provides IT and MLOps with real-time visibility and control over scheduling and dynamic provisioning of GPUs to deliver more than 2X gains in utilization of existing infrastructure. Built on Kubernetes, Run:AI enables seamless integration with existing IT and data science workflows. Learn more at

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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