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3-way adjustable suspension for the current BMW M3 and M4: Maximum driving pleasure on the road with KW coilover kit Variant 4

The suspension manufacturer KW automotive collaborates closely with BMW on selected projects and special models. While the BMW M4 GT3 race car, which will be used in customer sports from 2022 on, successfully completed its tests with its 5-way adjustable KW racing suspension, the 3-way adjustable KW coilover Variant 4 is now available for the current BMW M3 (G80) and BMW M4 (G82) including technical parts certificate. The aftermarket suspension made of stainless steel dampens bumps harmoniously and comfortably with its further developed multi-valve technology. At the same time, the KW coilover Variant 4 enables a significantly sportier road holding and even at the limits of dynamic driving performance, it guarantees increased driving safety. The coilover adjustable in low-speed (13 clicks) and high-speed compression forces (14 clicks) as well as in low-speed rebound (16 clicks), does not dispose of a reservoir anymore due to its redesigned valve technology. The BMW M3 (G80) sedan and the BMW M4 (G82) coupé, which are already lowered from factory, can be further lowered up to 35 millimeters by installing the KW Variant 4. This corresponds approximately to a lowering of 60 millimeters on the BMW 3 Series (G20). More at

The KW Clubsport and the adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilover kit for the current generation of the BMW M3 (G80) sedan and the BMW M4 (G82) coupé are currently being developed, whereas the latest KW coilover kit Variant 4 is already available for the BMW M3 (G80) sedan and the BMW M4 (G82) coupé. If the recent BMW M3 or BMW M4 are driven mostly on public roads in everyday life, the KW V4 coilover kit is the perfect aftermarket suspension.

Adjustable multi-valve technology for maximum fun in everyday driving

“To a certain extent, the redesigned Variant 4 is a further development of our standard suspension for the old BMW M4 GTS (F82) and the KW Clubsport coilover kit,” explains KW Brand Manager Jonas Ehrmann. “On the M4 GTS standard suspension, we still worked with a reservoir and installed the adjustable low-speed and high-speed compression valves there. In contrast, we redesigned the entire damper setup for the next generation of Variant 4.” The valves, which can be adjusted separately in low-speed and high-speed compression range, are positioned in a compact valve housing laterally to the strut and damper housing on the rear axle. “Internally, we often refer to such a damper set-up as a ‘three-tube damper set-up’,” Jonas Ehrmann continues describing the redesigned damper set-up of the KW coilover kit. The golden adjustment wheel is used to set the damping in high-speed compression stage with 14 clicks and with the purple wheel, the damping characteristics in low-speed compression stage can be adapted with 13 clicks. When the valves are opened, the compression damping is reduced and the M4 body dives faster. The compression stage influences the diving speed of the damper piston rod to a certain extent. Moreover, the compression damping has an impact on the body’s pitching and rolling movements as well as its turn-in behavior. If the compression damping is increased, the piston rod dives more slowly. Consequently, the vehicle becomes more stable during steering movements. The turn-in behavior gets more precise the tighter the compression is adjusted. The low-speed rebound stage, which is equally adjustable on the KW coilover Variant 4, has a direct effect on the operating speed of the piston when the damper extends. It controls with 16 clicks how fast the spring gets back to its original position. So to speak, the diameters of the rebound valves open for a more comfortable road behavior and close for a more sporty setup. Braking, accelerating and steering, for instance, are low-speed stimuli in everyday driving. The preset Sport+ tuning of Variant 4 can be altered to a comfort-oriented road setup with just a few clicks if desired. “Typical high-speed excitations occur when the wheel rolls over bumps or transverse joints. Anyone who drove rapidly over a badly constructed road certainly noticed that this makes the whole car become unsteady. Nevertheless, a suspension that disposes of shock absorbers with adjustable multi-valve technology can integrate much more control and ride comfort into the entire body structure, even with a sporty set-up,” clarifies KW Brand Manager Jonas Ehrmann.

Stepless lowering can be adjusted

The KW coilover Variant 4 also offers the option of maximum lowering. According to the technical parts certificate, an additional lowering of 20 to 35 millimeters at the front axle and 15 to 30 millimeters at the rear axle is possible despite the factory-lowered BMW M4 body. The KW Variant 4 for the BMW M3 sedan (G80) enables the same adjustment range in terms of lowering. “This roughly corresponds to a lowering of 50 millimeters on the BMW 4 Series coupé (G22) and 60 millimeters on the BMW 3 Series sedan (G20),” states Jonas Ehrmann. More at

About KW automotive:

The KW entrepreneurial group includes the suspension manufacturer KW automotive with its brands KW suspensions, ST suspensions, ap Sportfahrwerke, as well as the SimRacing brands TrackTime and Ascher Racing. With its immense suspension portfolio, state-of-the-art production technology and its development and test center, KW successfully operates in all markets for more than 25 years. Over the past years, KW automotive has developed over 16 distinct damping technologies in order to fulfill its own requirement of supplying “the perfect suspension for every demand”. Beside its core business, the development and production of manually and adaptively adjustable coilover kits and other suspension components for the aftermarket as well as the range of accessories of various automobile manufacturers in the premium segment, the business field of original equipment for special models and super sports cars of the automotive industry is developing tremendously positively for the German suspension manufacturer. Since KW is a development partner of sophisticated controlled suspension systems, the manufacturer disposes of the entire product portfolio of hydraulics, electronics, sensor technology, control units and damper control systems as well as the necessary know-how for the application and tuning of complex vehicle performance systems from a single source. KW has become an indispensable part of customer motor sports throughout the past years and produces homologated racing dampers and suspensions for a constantly growing number of racing cars of several manufacturers. Worldwide, successful racing teams rely on the patented valve technology of KW Competition suspensions. The entrepreneurial group has subsidiaries in the most significant markets, such as Belgium, Great Britain, China, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA. From the around 800 employees approximately 330 work at the headquarters in Fichtenberg. Software and hardware solutions are further business segments as well as events for virtual motor sports in the scope of the brand RaceRoom. Equally, the suspension manufacturers Belltech and Reiger Suspension as well as the alloy wheels manufacturer BBS are brands of the KW entrepreneurial group.

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