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Automotive Industries join the iconic collection of motoring publications

Automotive Industries (Ai) Publisher, John Larkin said ” Automotive
Industries (AI) trade publication is excited to partner on the Motoring
Archive Platform ( along side other icons of
motoring magazines such as Autocar & Classic Car Magazine. The automotive
industry is often considered to be one of the most exciting of all
industries, for collectibles, for enthusiasts and historians.  We believe
this ‘motoring’ related digital archive created by Pete Boswell & his team
at Archive Digital, is the world’s first fully comprehensive online archive
for motoring fans and offers consumers a rich experience to immerse
themselves in fascinating content through the motoring ages”

“We are extremely pleased to have Automotive Industries join the iconic
collection of motoring publications we will shortly be making available
online via The Motoring Archive” said Pete Boswell.

The Motoring Archive is aiming to become the world’s most comprehensive
online location of motoring history as told through the lens of the
magazines that have told the story from 1895 through to the present day.

About Automotive Industries

Automotive Industries (Ai) is the world’s oldest continually published trade
publication covering the automaking business. It was founded in November
1895 as “The Horseless Age,” the first magazine created to cover the world’s
transition from horse-drawn conveyances to those powered by the new internal
combustion engine. The magazine changed its name to “The Automobile” in July
1909, an era when gasoline, steam and electricity all vied for preeminence
in motive power.

The magazine’s present name was established in November 1917. The title was
briefly amended to “Automotive and Aviation Industries” during the World War
II years, as the magazine expanded its coverage of technologies and
production methods to include the aircraft industry, in which many
automakers participated.

Automotive Industries is devoted to providing a global coverage on all
aspects of the automobile marketplace, with an emphasis on the people,
products and processes that shape the industry. Automotive Industries
provides manufacturers and suppliers with in-depth news, information,
insight and analysis on the global events that affect the auto industry.
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About Archive Digital

Archive Digital is a specialist company focused on the creation of digital
assets from analogue paper and photographic archives and online publishing,
subscriptions and licensing. Visit Archive Digital at

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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