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Finnish software technology company Unikie to lead car manufacturers’ international information security team AUTOSAR

Finnish software technology company Unikie to lead car manufacturers’ international information security team – Anticipating security threats for the next 15 years

The autonomous mobility and process control software developer Unikie’s Finnish information security expertise is valued among car manufacturers: Unikie has been invited to join AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) as developer partner. Unikie Chief Information Security Officer Jari Mononen was invited as a speaker of AUTOSAR information security working group on May 26th. The team’s goal is to ensure that security concerns are observed in future automotive development.

”The long life cycle of cars, increasing cloudification of devices and vehicles networking with their surroundings by V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) pose a huge security challenge for the automotive industry. We must anticipate threats as much as 15 years ahead. Car hacking has to be prevented now. In addition, we have to prepare for the breakthrough of quantum computing, which will revolutionize all of information security”, Unikie Chief Information Security Officer Jari Mononen explains.

At the core of AUTOSAR’s security operations is the protection of information within the car’s internal buses and at its external interfaces. Unikie has long experience with delivering security solutions for the automotive industry, where the company’s expertise with cell phone encryption technology provides huge potential for developing information security solutions.

”Without proper security precautions an entire car can be hijacked, which is a risk to be taken seriously. Cars convey critical information, which means the connections, systems and devices have to be extremely secure. That is why data security is the very backbone of Unikie’s technology platforms. Our solutions make the secure application of data possible across many industries and in communication”, Mononen describes.

”Our society’s functions depend progressively more and more on critical data systems. Cybersecurity is an essential part of the internet of everything, as devices make decisions concerning information systems. Developing cybersecurity is an essential goal of Unikie’s strategy: we wish to participate in building an intelligent and data-secure society. I’m proud of our collaboration with the world’s leading car and device manufacturers. AUTOSAR standardization will help us in building uniform interfaces. It is an honor to be part of creating a tomorrow of safe driving”, Unikie CEO Seppo Kuula rejoices.

AUTOSAR is a worldwide development partnership of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and companies from the automotive electronics, semiconductor and software industry. AUTOSAR aims to standardize the software architecture of Electronic Control Units (ECUs). AUTOSAR paves the way for innovative electronic systems that further improve performance, safety and security.

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Unikie is a Finnish software technology company that develops technologies for protected real-time processes. Our services concentrate on the crossroads of three global macrotrends – IoE, 5G, and AI, where our technology solutions enable a constant awareness of surroundings, as well as decision-making and control based on it. Our clients include pioneers of real-time data utilization in the automotive industry as well as other industries and telecommunication companies worldwide.

Founded in 2015, Unikie is one of Finland’s fastest growing technology companies. In 2020 our sales were 33 million euros. Our goal for the near future is to keep up our rapid international growth, because the demand for our AI, deep technology and security solutions is increasing rapidly everywhere. At the end of 2020 we received growth capital from Capman Growth and Tesi. We employ nearly 400 software developers in Sweden, Germany, Poland and the United States. Our clients include Sandvik, Nokia, Valmet and Ponsse.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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