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Manufacturo Releases ALERTIGO Notification App

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as the old saying goes. With that in mind, Andea, the developer of the cloud-based Manufacturo platform, has created ALERTIGO, a notification application that aims to make the phrase “If only I had known…” obsolete.

Manufacturo ALERTIGO is a robust alert and notification solution that works by creating a fully configurable alerting engine that concentrates on alerting the right people, with the right information, only when they need it most. It allows an entire organization to deal with potential issues proactively through early warnings or immediate first-hand notifications.

There are multiple alerting systems currently on the market, but all of them share similar drawbacks, including a lack of tailoring to specific roles (in an effective alerting system, alerts for a production manager, a supervisor, and a floor operator should be different), a general lack of features (no message grouping, exclusive result-based messages, dynamic recipients, and dynamic action links), and not enough notification channels. The result of this is either no meaningful alerts or hundreds of email groups that end up in archived folders.

Manufacturo developed ALERTIGO as a direct response to these shortcomings. “Visibility in Manufacturing is everything and containing the small things before they become big is crucial. We developed ALERTIGO because other alerting and notification engines seemed to add to the noise rather than contain it,” said James Montgomery, Director of Andea’s North American Operations. “We saw an opportunity to leverage our greatest strength – years of experience creating custom and target alerts for some of the world’s most cutting-edge manufacturers.”

In addition to solving the issues associated with existing alerting systems, ALERTIGO offers up an entirely new set of benefits, including quick and easy installation, improved operational efficiencies by keeping key people in the know at all times, the ability to gain insight into potential problems before they happen, and end-to-end encryption for all data transfers. Best of all, ALERTIGO is not just for Manufacturo or even manufacturing application – many existing applications with a backend database can be utilized.

Who is ALERTIGO for?

Production supervisors can be notified whenever a work order priority is changed to “urgent”, quality engineers can be made aware when any tickets are assigned to them or modified, and maintenance personnel can be notified about tools to be calibrated, repair progress, and high-risk machine calibration. Simply put, ALERTIGO has tangible benefits for anyone who needs to be informed on changes happening.

“We at Manufacturo strongly believe in this app’s potential,” says Montgomery. “ALERTIGO has the potential to become one of those tools that can be used in almost all areas of an organization and leave people wondering how they ever got along without it.”

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Fri. May 24th, 2024

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