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RK Logistics Completes Audit, Receives ISO 9001 Quality Recertification

RK Logistics Group, a leading Silicon Valley provider of warehousing,
eCommerce fulfillment, transportation, and supply chain management services,
announced today it successfully completed an independent, third-party audit
of its ISO 9001:2015 quality procedures and standards and has been
recertified as compliant.

The audit was conducted by third-party auditing firm Orion Registrar, Inc.,
which serves as the ISO 9000 registrar for the company. The independent
audit examined RK’s warehousing and distribution facilities in Hayward and
Fremont and recertified its quality processes and procedures as in
compliance with the international standard.

Rock Magnan, president of RK Logistics, noted that most companies had to
forego an annual on-site ISO audit last year due to Covid-19. “We’re pleased
to have been able to complete our audit and affirm that RK again meets all
the requirements as an ISO-certified provider of quality warehousing and
distribution services,” Magnan noted. “It’s an important distinction for our
customers that provides assurance our culture, practices and processes meet
superior standards of quality and consistency,” he said.

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard that provides a practical and
workable Quality Management System (QMS) for monitoring, measuring, and
improving all areas of a business. It outlines a framework for improving
quality and establishing a common communications vocabulary for processes
and procedures governing the delivery of products and services to exacting
standards that consistently meet customer requirements. A QMS provides the
foundation for aligning and streamlining operating practices to bring down
costs, manage and resolve discrepancies, meet regulatory requirements,
achieve superior customer satisfaction, and help organizations expand into
new markets.

Magnan noted that ISO 9001 certification is increasingly crucial for
businesses involved in complex manufacturing, automotive and other
industrial ventures that require their logistics providers to demonstrate a
common, validated and industry-accepted standard of quality management
principles and practices.

“Particularly in Silicon Valley, ISO 9001 certification is a must have for
supply chain operators. We serve semiconductor equipment manufacturers,
automotive and other engineered-component businesses for which ISO
certification is required just to get on a bid list,” he said. “We also are
increasingly finding it in demand by our eCommerce fulfillment customers.”

RK Logistics is an industry leader in designing and deploying reliable
eCommerce fulfillment, warehousing, and optimized transportation solutions.
In addition, RK also operates the South Bay’s only certified, general
purpose Foreign Trade Zone, which allows Silicon Valley manufacturing and
importing companies to benefit from various trade policies and practices
that can reduce administrative regulatory costs and associated tariffs and
duties for imported goods, while protecting the integrity of high-value
products in a secured environment and improving supply chain velocity.

For more information about RK Logistics, and how the company’s nimble,
flexible approach to services and solutions can support more efficient and
responsive warehousing and eCommerce fulfillment operations, contact us at

About RK Logistics Group. RK Logistics is a premier 3PL provider of
full-spectrum, customized supply chain services for the world’s most
demanding customers. RK’s manufacturing support, warehousing, order
fulfillment, cold chain and transportation services feature lean practices,
ISO-9001 and CA Board of Pharmacy 3PL Certifications, which is unique to a
family-owned business. RK Logistics is also a certified minority business
enterprise. For more information, go to

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Tue. July 16th, 2024

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