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Laserax Simplifies Laser Cleaning in EV Battery Production with New Turnkey Machine

In line with the rise of the EV industry, Laserax releases a turnkey solution made specifically to clean battery modules on conveyor lines. The Battery Cleaning Machine can be powered by up to 500W of laser power to minimize cycle time when preparing surfaces for welding. It also offers unmatched cleaning quality assisted by cameras.

The laser process and optical configuration were developed to address safety concerns specific to the EV industry, where high-heat levels could lead to accidents or cause serious damage. While the laser process minimizes heat dispersion, the optical components are monitored and automatically shut down if they do not behave as they should.

“The EV industry brings new requirements that are forcing automotive manufacturers to rethink their production processes,” says Alex Fraser, CTO. “As a green process, laser technology is an important ally in this transition, and we want to make it easily accessible with our new Battery Cleaning Machine.”

To meet evolving needs of battery manufacturers, the machine includes a flexible door system that allows loading modules different ways into the machine. Modules can be loaded manually, with a robot, or via conveyor. Other options include:

*       A gantry system that moves the laser head to clean large modules and reach all battery cells and busbars.
*       Cameras that measure all individual cell locations and adjust laser cleaning accordingly.
*       An HMI control panel that provides direct access to laser parameters near the machine

Founded in 2010 by two laser physicists, Laserax provides manufacturing industries with cutting edge laser technology. Their laser solutions include OEM systems and engineered solutions for marking, cleaning, texturing, and hardening applications. With offices and local partners all over the world, their global presence is rapidly growing.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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