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Closed loop solutions for autonomous vehicle development

Today’s automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented changes with the emergence of rideshare services and partially autonomous vehicle capabilities. New, and often more agile disrupters are entering the automotive market from all sides. This forces OEMs and supply chain participants to rethink how they design, manufacture, deliver and operate their products. Complexity in the automotive industry demands continuous engineering across domains, and to be successful, a company must start integrated and stay integrated. Download this eBook and read how CIMdata, a global leader in PLM consulting, explains how only closed-loop solutions and an integrated approach will get you a leading position in Autonomous Vehicle Development.


Autonomous Vehicle Engineering is broader than one vehicle Apart from self-driving technology in the vehicle, it is likely that infrastructure-based systems will contribute to the safety and traffic performance of the future mobility environment. Vehicles become nodes in networks. Not just the autonomous vehicle itself, but also traffic management services moving you along the safest path, could be delivering the preferred route. When considering Autonomous Vehicle Development, PLM solutions must support the complete lifecycle bringing operational and manufacturing considerations together with product development and field enhancements. In this eBook, CIMdata explains how Siemens supports Autonomous Vehicle Development and operations by focusing on performance engineering, connectedness beyond a single vehicle, and systems of systems development leveraging digital twin technology.


Leading solutions for Autonomous Vehicle Development enable development processes from chip to city The challenges of leading companies in the automotive industry can no longer be solved with yesterday’s solutions, nor by throwing more miles of testing at the problem. Tomorrow’s automakers designing, producing, and operating AVs must manage the increased complexity of integrating their products within an overall transportation ecosystem. An automaker must leverage Digital Twin technology and a fully integrated enterprise PLM approach to strive and thrive. This approach makes way to sustain a leadership position for tomorrow, with the ability to start integrated and stay integrated across the enterprise and supply-chains as well as from individual vehicles and their Chips to Cities where they operate. The AV automaker must learn, adapt, and adjust continually with Closed Loop Solutions to stay ahead of its competition.


Leading automotive companies have used Siemens’ solutions for more than 30 years, starting with drawings, moving to geometric models for both products and their factories, then managing simulations to replace physical prototype evaluations. It comes as no surprise that Siemens has now assembled what the automakers need for the next innovative wave of Autonomous Vehicles.

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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