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Cut the Cord, Not the Power! New Ingersoll Rand 1-inch Cordless Impactool

Ingersoll RandR, a global leader in reliable and innovative power tools, has
introduced the 1-inch Cordless ImpactoolT Impact Wrench. Operators and
technicians can increase productivity, convenience and safety when
tightening or loosening high-torque bolts with the tool’s powerful, cordless

“The W9691 Cordless Impact Wrench is the most powerful 1-inch cordless
impact on the market,” said Jason Rowe, Global Cordless Product Manager at
Ingersoll Rand. “With its quick setup and no hoses to trip over, the 1-inch
cordless impact wrench promotes better safety and efficiency for operators.”

With 3,000 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque, the 1-inch tool provides the
power technicians need to handle bolts that are hard to break, rusted or
tough to loosen, all in one cordless design. The 1-inch Cordless Impact
Wrench is the first cordless tool on the market to reach this level of

The tool comes with two anvil options, an extended, 6-inch anvil and a
short, standard anvil for optimal versatility. The 6-inch anvil is ideal for
vehicle repair applications as it helps operators access hard-to-reach
places. The standard anvil offers the convenience of a cordless design
without sacrificing power for operators working in extreme environments such
as oil and gas refineries, foundries and other industrial sectors.

Because the tool is cordless, the 1-inch Impactool increases safety and
productivity. With no hoses and no need for an air compressor, operators can
complete tasks quickly and efficiently and contribute to cost-savings due to
minimal maintenance. The absence of hoses also removes tripping hazards, so
operators can avoid the possibility of injuries.

A power control shut-off system automatically shuts off the tool when it has
reached the set torque amount, which prevents over-tightening and stripping
of the bolt. The tool has four different power modes: full reverse, max
tighten and two modes in-between to prevent over-tightening and stripping.

The tool includes two 5.0 Amp Hours batteries to last a full workday and can
perform up to 250 bolt removals and installations on a single battery
charge. There are various kit options available, including the W9691-KE4
with a dual bay charger and four batteries.

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Thu. May 30th, 2024

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