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JEC Group and AVK, the Federation of Reinforced Plastics e.V. in Germany have joined forces to organize an annual event for the D-A-CH Region, dedicated to all forms of Composites and their applications. The first edition of the JEC Forum DACH, unique in its format and content, will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany at Messe Forum, from November 23 to 24, 2021.                  

The event will take place at a different location each year to highlight the dynamics and the variety of the composites industry in the DACH region.

JEC Group is launching the JEC Forum DACH in partnership with AVK. Unique in its format, the event will be rotating to different cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria  every year. This first edition will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from November 23 to 24, 2021.

JEC Forum DACH will include pre-arranged business meetings between sponsors and attendees as well as sponsors workshops. The event will present exclusive content such as an extensive composites conferences program, the annual AVK market overview — also available via live-streaming technology for remote participants — and, last but not least, the prestigious AVK-JEC Innovation Awards.

The JEC Startup Booster competition will also be introduced in the D-A-CH region for the first time.    JEC Forum DACH will also provide a Composites Tour to enable participants to visit key players of the local composites ecosystem on November 25.

This event’s primary aim is to support the bustling composites industry in this region and resume business after a challenging, yet complex period of time. The event´s agile format will focus on                    a different application sector, industry as well as other regional composites-related specifities every year. The final goal is to develop business, to connect and reach out to the local industrial apparatus and its major players such as universities, research and development centers and companies of all sizes in a boosting business and innovation spirit.

Eric Pierrejean, CEO of JEC Group, about this strategic decision: “JEC Group mission is to promote         the composite materials industry by sharing knowledge, developing networking and celebrating innovation. This new concept of event, developed in partnership with AVK, will activate business, bring together experts and customers, but also highlight the local dynamic ecosystems of Composites in         this important geographical region for our industry.”

With JEC Forum DACH, we allow local industry leaders to build connections and stronger business ties to support the industrial growth in the region. Thanks to JEC Forum DACH, the German, Swiss and Austrian composites community will get a full picture of the latest innovations and trends. And more importantly, in this period, where finding new markets can be daunting at times, this event will be                the place to facilitate business“, said Christian Strassburger, JEC Forum DACH event Director.

Dr. Michael Effing, Chairman of the board of the AVK: “We are very pleased to create this new composites event in the D-A-CH region in alliance with our strong partner JEC Group. This important geographical region represents almost 45% of the composites industry in Europe, including a large number of SMEs as well as some large companies across all industries. The economy is recovering and further upturning. Focussing on matchmaking, this event represents a very important platform for networking, supporting the industry with new impulses, particularly in the key markets e-mobility, wind energy, building and construction and also the next generation of aerospace.“

Dr. Elmar Witten, Managing Director of the AVK: „AVK, as Germany´s trade association for composites with the longest history of nearly 100 years, is very proud to integrate our experience and to place this central event in the German-speaking countries together with our strong partner                         JEC Group. We will contribute our know-how and long-term tradition to these events, especially in                the field of detailed market overviews, the establishment of the accompanying symposium,                              the innovation awards and, last, but not least, our yearly general assembly with our member companies.

About JEC Group

JEC Group is the world’s leading company dedicated entirely to developing information and business connections channels and platforms supporting the growth and promotion of the composite materials industry. Publisher of the JEC Composites Magazine – the industry’s reference magazine, JEC Group drives global innovation programs and organizes several events in the world, including JEC World (the top and world-leading international exhibition dedicated to composite materials and their applications), which takes place every year in Paris.

About AVK

AVK, the German Federation of Reinforced Plastics, is the professional German association for fibre-reinforced plastics and composites. It represents the interests of manufacturers and processors both in Germany and at the European level. Its range of services includes specialised workgroups, seminars and conferences as well as the provision of market-specific information ( In Germany, AVK is one of four support organisations of GKV, the General Association of the Plastics Processing Industry. Within Europe, it is a member of the European umbrella association for composites, EuCIA (European Composites Industry Association). AVK is a founding member of Composites Germany.

Thu. October 21st, 2021

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