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Otonomo is Nasdaq Listed!

I want to thank NASDAQ for the opportunity to ring the bell today.

We ring this bell on behalf of our Otonomo team members, our families, our investors, and in the name of the transformation the automotive and mobility industry is going through, largely due to the power of data.

We truly believe that this intersection of data and automotive is exceptionally important, with a great potential to impact everybody’s lives.

By using data for good, we can improve safety, save lives, reduce pollution, increase productivity, among other benefits.

The automotive industry is one of the last places that is not connected all the time, where data is not flowing constantly, where connectivity is not a prime driver. This is the challenge but also the opportunity. This is where we have chosen to make a change, an impact to deliver value.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. There is no operating manual, no menu, and no predetermined formula. Our Journey has been quite an adventure. It has taken tremendous drive, hard work, dedication, passion and persistence.

As someone across the pond once said, it took blood, sweat, and tears. Over the past years, the team at Otonomo has worked around the clock to make this day happen, to fulfil our vision and to get to the here and now.

We are focused on business growth.

We are focused on success.

We are focused on providing value to our customers, partners, and investors.

And we are focused on our vision,  a vision of using data to drive a safer, cleaner, better mobility experience for all – one that will affect and improve everybody’s lives.

We are using data for good. We are helping to revolutionize the industry we serve, and the mobility and automotive ecosystem as a whole.

I see the same passion and the same grit in the Otonomo team today that I saw 5 years ago.

I’m proud and honored to be here today.  But, I am not alone, I am here with many of my partners from the journey, representing all of the Otonomo family.

Our data drives mobility.

Our passion drives our purpose.

We dare to explore. We dare to aim high, and we dare to say that no one is better than us in what we do.

Thank you!

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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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