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Stream Companies Joins the Volkswagen Dealer Digital Program

Stream Companies, an industry-leading digital advertising and marketing
technology company, announced that it has been named as a certified digital
media provider for Volkswagen’s Dealer Digital Program. As a certified
provider, Stream is offering Volkswagen dealers customized ad technology,
SEM, Social, Display and other digital packages designed to differentiate
dealerships and move Volkswagen inventory and service.

David Regn, Co-founder & CEO of Stream Companies, said, “We are excited to
partner with Volkswagen of America as a digital media partner. Our
commitment to providing strategic and industry-leading digital advertising
solutions to their network will offer their dealers access to the industry’s
most cutting-edge tools & technology. With over 24 years in the automotive
industry, we bring incredible experience to our partners and couldn’t be
more excited to add Volkswagen to our list of OEMs”.

In this latest collaboration with Volkswagen, Stream will be one of 13
digital media providers within the VW Dealer Digital Program. Dealers can
enroll in the program at

“As the newest addition to the Dig Ad program, we are most excited to bring
our unique blend of true partnership, industry-leading advertising strategy,
and next-gen ad tech to even more dealers. Our OEM Operations have grown
over the last couple of years and our ability to be nimble, creative, and
supportive of our clients through challenges has been a major factor. We
look forward to helping even more Volkswagen dealer partners do the same.”,
said Don Williams, VP of OEM Operations.

About Stream Companies
Stream Companies is a full-service, fully integrated, tech enabled
advertising agency. With over 25 years of experience in advertising and
digital marketing, Stream Companies uses a data-driven and
solutions-oriented approach to deliver retail traffic to businesses across
the U.S.

Stream has partnered with over 1,000 businesses in numerous industries such
as automotive, education, healthcare, finance, and more. Automotive clients
include some of the biggest publicly and privately owned dealership groups
in the United States such as The CAR Group/Norm Reeves Brands and Group 1
Automotive. To learn more about Stream’s offerings, visit

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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