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Razorleaf launches the next generation of its CLOVER software platform

Razorleaf Corporation, a leading PLM consulting and systems integrator, today announced the expansion of the CLOVER platform, a family of products that enable the integration, migration, and exchange of product information across manufacturing organizations, partners, and suppliers.

CLOVER is a vendor-neutral platform that connects siloed systems and shares information across any application, database, cloud service or API—whether in the cloud or on premise. The latest version of the platform further extends business processes across internal systems and related organizations, creating a shareable, digital fabric of information that enhances the overall performance of a company’s PLM system. CLOVER provides a unique job-processing architecture for a more holistic approach to building applications, minimizing customization, managing product data, and reducing TCO.

CLOVER Products:

·        CollectIT  extracts and packages PLM files and data to easily share product information across the organization, and to partners and suppliers

·        IntegrateIT  exchanges files and data between PLM and other enterprise systems using advanced job processing, transformation, and business rules

·        MigrateIT  enables the bulk transfer of files and data between PLM and other enterprise systems utilizing rehearsals, mock services, and advanced error handling

·        PassIT provides an interface between messaging platforms and PLM systems to perform complex data transformations, file rendition creation, product revision selection, and other process-oriented logic

“Connecting product data across an enterprise is complex,” stated Tom Gill, PLM Enterprise Value & Integration Practice Manager, CIMdata. “Data can be as simple as a number or text string or as complex as a bill of material, change order, or technical data package. Furthermore, deciding where data transformation should occur—the sending system or the receiving system—can be technically and politically challenging. The CLOVER PLM Platform from Razorleaf is a Swiss army knife for those responsible for sharing data among the enterprise’s complex systems environment. CIMdata is impressed with how broadly and deeply CLOVER’s architecture supports the unique requirements of product data and how Razorleaf uses it to build apps to solve challenging business problems.”

“This next generation of our CLOVER platform sets a new bar for integration, data management, and sharing accurate PLM data to support collaboration beyond the walls of a PLM system,” says Razorleaf CEO Eric Doubell. “CLOVER delivers a set of tools that powerfully connect engineering, manufacturing, and the supply chain to solve the most complex product development and management challenges. It allows our clients to truly integrate processes across disparate systems within and outside their organizations. This enables them to more efficiently and fully utilize their existing enterprise systems to maximize their results. Razorleaf continues to invest in enhancing and creating new capabilities to help our clients improve communication, enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.”

About Razorleaf

Founded in 2000, Razorleaf is a consulting & systems integrator with specialized expertise in PLM. We are focused on helping manufacturing organizations connect products and processes across the digital enterprise to drive more value from the innovation process. Led by a highly skilled and seasoned team of experts across the United States and Europe, Razorleaf transforms businesses by offering comprehensive consulting and implementation services focused on managing the digital thread across the product life cycle and supply chain. For more information, visit

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Mon. May 27th, 2024

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