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Orion Continues Acetylene Black Launch at BCI

Orion Engineered Carbons S.A. (NYSE: OEC) will continue its global launch of
the first high-performance acetylene black, PRINTEXR kappa 100, for
lithium-ion batteries at The Battery Council International (BCI) Convention
+ Power Mart Expo. Orion (Booth no. 500), a leading global supplier of
specialty and high-performance carbon black, officially launched PRINTEX
kappa 100 at The Battery Show in Michigan and will now introduce the
innovative new grade in the western U.S. Orion also will highlight its
conductive PRINTEX kappa 210, PRINTEX kappa 220 and PRINTEX kappa 240 grades
for advanced lead-acid batteries. The Power Mart Expo takes places Sept. 23,
2021 in San Diego, Calif.

“Our acetylene black has shown good conductive performance in preliminary
applications and has been well-received by customers so far,” said Sandra
Niewiem, Ph.D., senior vice president, Global Specialty Carbon Black and
EMEA Region, at Orion. “We’re pleased to provide a sustainable carbon black
that improves the conductive performance of lithium-ion and primary
batteries worldwide.”

Acetylene Advantage
Based on acetylene gas, PRINTEX kappa 100 offers conductive functionalities
that improve lithium-ion battery performance. Acetylene black aggregates
form a three-dimensional network to lower the internal resistance of battery
cells by enhancing conductivity, ensuring that charge and discharge
processes are performed effectively and Ohmic losses are minimized.

Compared to other carbon black, acetylene black’s high-intrinsic electronic
conductivity and purity leads to significantly higher power densities and
longer battery lifecycle. These advantages result from acetylene as pure
feedstock and its thermal decomposition at very high temperature. In
addition, Orion’s acetylene black production generates a very high yield. As
a result, PRINTEX kappa 100 has a remarkably low carbon footprint and
contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Increasing DCA in Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries
The PRINTEX kappa 210, PRINTEX kappa 220 and PRINTEX kappa 240 grades
increase the dynamic charge acceptance (DCA) of advanced lead-acid batteries
by up to 60%, while maintaining acceptable water loss. They have very low
metallic impurities, which results in extended battery cycle life. The
modified surface of these PRINTEX kappa grades maintain conductivity and
surface area while suppressing the hydrogen evolution reaction, lowering
water loss to acceptable levels. This surface modification gives battery
manufacturers the freedom to use higher loading to achieve higher charge
acceptance. Orion Carbon Black grades also lead the way in purity, economics
and reliability.

About Orion Engineered Carbons
Orion Engineered Carbons (NYSE:OEC) is a global supplier of carbon black
products including high-performance specialty gas blacks, acetylene blacks,
furnace blacks, lamp blacks, thermal blacks, and other carbon blacks that
tint, colorize and enhance the performance of polymers, plastics, paints and
coatings, inks and toners, textile fibers, adhesives and sealants,
batteries, tires, and mechanical rubber goods, such as automotive belts and
hoses. The company has over 125 years of history providing customized
solutions from a network of 14 global production sites and is dedicated to
responsible business practices that emphasize reliability, innovation and
sustainability. For more information, please visit

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