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GENIVI Alliance Rebrands as Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance

The GENIVI Alliance, a collaborative community developing open standards and software for in-vehicle systems, today announced its organizational rebrand to the Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA). The new brand signifies the Alliance’s evolving technical focus to connected vehicle systems including in-vehicle, on-edge and in-cloud services, interfaces and data exchange.


Throughout its 12 years as a global, open standards organization, the Alliance continuously evolved and expanded its scope, developing a proven track record of creating standards that delivered value for its members and spurred innovation in the industry.


COVESA evolves technical focus advancing technologies that accelerate the future of connected vehicles


“COVESA is positioned to take on some of the most critical issues facing automakers advancing new open source automotive software solutions,” said Roger C. Lanctot, Director at Strategy Analytics.  “From data monetization to cyber security, to in-vehicle payments, and closing the gaps in Android Automotive implementations, COVESA is providing the essential collaboration necessary to advance the software-defined car of the future.”


COVESA’s core principles are founded on: openness, collaboration, innovation, and the expertise each Member brings to the Alliance. COVESA is focused on its new vision to create a more diverse, sustainable and integrated mobility ecosystem by developing open standards and innovative technologies for connected vehicles.


“Our members have proven their ability to deliver standards and solutions that meet the needs of the evolving connected vehicle industry. This new brand and vision reflects all that we believe in and what we are working to achieve as members and leaders of COVESA,” said Matt Jones, Chairman and President of COVESA. “We have a strong, active member base that has come together from across the globe with contributions that power the future of integrated shared systems that in turn, benefit and complement their own businesses and product priorities.”


Accelerating the future of connected vehicles

COVESA will expand upon GENIVI’s strong foundation of a vehicle signal specification and vehicle to cloud connected services and encourage members to introduce projects that deliver specifications, open source licensed software and related materials that equip the industry with useful assets for commercial solution development.


There are currently several active technology projects including:


Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII), launched with W3C, addresses the need for industry-standards to more efficiently collect and manage vehicle data and to define vehicle services invoked remotely from the cloud.

Android™ Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG) focusing on software integration and supporting automakers and their suppliers who are adopting Android Automotive

In-vehicle Payment Special Interest Group (SIG) exploring standard approaches for in-vehicle commerce and payments.

Automotive Cybersecurity Team addresses a growing number of standards and topics enhancing cybersecurity in the vehicle.

More information on COVESA projects can be found on the COVESA Wiki.


About the Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance


The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA), formerly known as the GENIVI Alliance, is a global, member-driven alliance focused on the development of open standards and technologies that accelerate innovation for connected vehicle systems, resulting in a more diverse, sustainable and integrated mobility ecosystem. The Alliance provides its members with a global development community joining automotive software stakeholders with world-class developers in a collaborative environment, resulting in open source standards. To learn more about COVESA, visit


Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC.


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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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