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Kassow Robots Expands Its Reach in the Eastern US With BlueBay Automation Partnership

Kassow Robots, a developer of 7-axis cobots for machine tending, material
handling, and related applications, has partnered with BlueBay Automation
(Nashville, Tennessee, USA), an industrial automation solutions provider.

In applications with extremely tight spaces, robotic solutions are seldomly
feasible. However, the Kassow Robots KR series
<>  of 7-axis lightweight
collaborative robots enables BlueBay Automation customers to efficiently
navigate light manufacturing operations in a wide variety of industries and
applications including machine tending, palletizing, welding, automotive,
packaging, and electronics.

“Our broad product portfolio of 7-axis cobots and BlueBay Automation’s
integration capabilities and extensive robot experience will help customers
combat common industrial challenges, such as difficult retrofits, labor
shortages, and continuous improvement efforts,” says Dieter Pletscher, the
head of global sales at Kassow Robots.

The KR series of 7-axis lightweight cobots provides a reach of about 3-6
feet (850-1800 mm) and payloads around 11-40 pounds (5-18 kg) to automate a
variety of physically demanding and/or repetitive tasks. Additionally, each
joint offers speed (225 degrees per second) to keep up with applications
such as pick-and-place tasks, quality inspection, and palletizing.

“We have been following our collaborative robot competitors closely as the
market matures, and Kassow Robots’ 7th axis is a differentiator for
overcoming payload and speed limitations,” says Pierre de Giorgio, CEO of
BlueBay Automation. “All of Kassow Robots’ significant competitive
advantages have set them apart from the rest of the market, so we wanted to
get in on the ground level and become part of this story.”

Flexible software programming and Kassow’s seventh axis enable continuous
dispensing, welding, and material removal applications regardless of access
angle, without the need to reorient the arm. The cobots are perfect for
limited-space retrofits and a strong addition to BlueBay Automation’s
flexible automation, robotics, motion control, and IIoT solutions.

About Kassow Robots: Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, Kassow Robots designs
and manufacturers 7-axis lightweight collaborative robots for industrial
applications that are “strong, fast, simple.” Its line of five 7-axis cobots
offers a unique package of speed, power, and long reach. When combined with
simple programming techniques, our cobot capabilities can help customers and
integrators quickly and cost-efficiently perform complex automation tasks in
machine tending, material handling, general automation, and related
applications. Kassow Robots made its first public appearance in 2018. In
late April 2022, Bosch Rexroth became the company’s new majority owner.
Founder Kristian Kassow is now co-owner and will continue to serve as CEO of
Kassow Robots. For more information, visit

About BlueBay Automation: Headquartered in Nashville, with additional
locations in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Charlotte, BlueBay Automation is the
premier automation solutions provider in the southeastern United States.
With strategies that promote productivity and profitability, the company is
committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing automation,
robotic, safety, and networking solutions through world-class products and
services. For more information, visit

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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