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Understanding Mobility Intelligence and What It Can Do for You

Mobility intelligence is a relatively new term that encompasses a wide range of tools that are all based on meticulously collected and analyzed data. It is meant for professionals who need to access insights gleaned from data without necessarily going through the process of ingesting and analyzing it 

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Understanding data is a journey, and understanding mobility data is no different. It begins with accessing and collecting raw mobility data. This data, from sources that include connected vehicle data, mobile datageo-mapping, and more, is crude and mostly unusable.

So, the next step is to normalize, clean, and prepare the data for analysis before it can be put to any good use. Multiple layers of data transformation, enrichment, and consolidation are implementedThis makes the data, in and of itself, useful, and it can be accessed with a suitable API.  

One way to facilitate access and intelligibility further is by adding visualization tools, and UX makes the data even more accessible and usable in many cases.

Visualized data is important but sometimes not enough. This is where mobility intelligence comes in. It is the next step in the process, turning data into actionable insights. With the help of machine learning algorithms, data scientists surface insights out of data – insights that are powerful tools to enact real change, support decision-making, and ensure better results. 

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These can include faster ROI, better allocation of resources, avoiding costly mistakes, or implementation of behavioral changes.

Mobility intelligence provides access to powerful tools like allocating “personas” with different characteristics, goals, and preferences. It analyzes mobility across multiple transportation modes and enriches that mobility information with additional layers such as points of interest (POIs), origin-destination (OD) matrix, weather, hazards, construction data, and more while diving deeper into each.

Mobility intelligence is focused on the utility decision-makers can derive from understanding the data. It is a tool that empowers organizations’ strategic and tactical decisions by eliminating guesswork and allowing data-driven choices to be made.  

Mobility Intelligence Means Impact  

At the heart of mobility intelligence is the transformation of vast amounts of data and activity signals into actionable, meaningful, monetizable insights. This requires access to rich and varied data sources that are normalized and cleansed in addition to sophisticated data science tools.  

It is worth it! The results are impactful takeaways. The focus on generating impact means mobility intelligence provides a tool that is ready to tackle many of the challenges facing transportation today, from traffic and congestion to multimodal services and the placement of EV charging stations (and the optimal mix of ultra-fast and fast charging points in each)Mobility intelligence can also use data and technology to help tackle issues like pollution, accessibility, and more. 

Download the Essential Guide to Mobility Intelligence to learn more about the power of mobility intelligence and how you can get it to work for you. 

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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