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Raging Bull Performance to Celebrate Their 12th Year in Business as a Full-Service Automotive Repair Center for Luxury and Exotic Cars

Raging Bull Performance is pleased to announce that they are celebrating
their 12th anniversary in the business, specializing in every aspect of
exotic car diagnostics, maintenance, and custom modifications. They pride
themselves on their mechanics, who are factory trained and certified and
provide personalized service for their customers.

The luxury auto service company caters to many car enthusiasts, collectors,
and everyday drivers who take pride in knowing that their exotic vehicles
are maintained to the highest standards and of quality.

With a high responsibility for maintaining their customers’ vehicles, each
Raging Bull Performance technician has years of experience working on some
of the most exotic and luxurious cars.

Also, every technician has been certified in some of the best automobiles,
including Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Ferrari, Bentley, and Aston
Martin, among others.

According to Raging Bull Performance founder Frank Lopez, “This first twelve
years has brought us massive growth. We focus everything we do on our
passion for exotic cars and those who drive them. We hope to reimagine more
the experience of car enthusiasts by focusing on exceeding expectations and
enlightening our clients.”

“We would like to thank the entire community for helping us make the past
twelve years so successful. We greatly appreciate our customers for their
referrals and loyalty. Every year has brought a sense of achievement, and
without their confidence in our services, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Master-certified technician and owner Frank Lopez established the business
to offer better quality, bespoke service to people who have invested a lot
to drive an excellent and exquisite car.

The shop uses the same manufacturer software that most exotic car
dealerships utilize, but their labor rates are more competitive. That means
their overall service costs less than the dealer. Raging Bull Performance
believes in being transparent and spending the time to explain its
automotive services to its customers and why they are necessary.

The auto service company knows how important it is to build trust, and that
is how many of their customers keep coming back because they feel valued and
well taken care of at their shop.

Raging Bull Performance is on a continuous mission to enhance its service
offerings with the best technologies and constantly create an atmosphere of
respect, integrity, and quality service.

About Raging Bull Performance

Raging Bull Performance is a luxury automotive service and repair shop in
Costa Mesa, California. Founded in 2009, the company has established a
reputation as the leading dealership alternative in Orange County for exotic
cars. Their diagnostic capabilities, custom performance, and technical
skills lead the industry, helping exotic car owners enjoy their exquisite
and powerful vehicles.

To know more about Raging Bull Performance, call Frank Lopez at (949)
646-1875 or email him at Visit the
company’s official website at to
check their unique offerings.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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