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Industry-Leading Crash Detection at Ultra-Low Speeds Continues Innovation, as Sfara Enters Crash Week

This is another example of Sfara’s commitment to continuous innovation. Sfara systematically validates and improves its algorithm with new testing, experimentation and data.

This Crash Week, Sfara will be focusing on creating deeper levels of data for low-speed impacts from alternative angles and additional vehicle classes, even further refining its industry-leading ultra low-speed detection.

The labeled data Sfara gets from crash testing is one reason why Sfara’s crash algorithm rises above competitors, who often rely on unlabeled road data, which for sophisticated detections and collision reconstructions are grossly insufficient.

Another reason Sfara algorithm leads the industry is because of its two-layer AI. Sfara is now able to reliably detect collisions down to 9 mph, while achieving industry breakthrough performance with their ESP false positive suppression technology.

Visit Sfara’s LinkedIn page throughout the week for updates.

Sfara is enabling a mobile revolution in safety and control. Sfara’s patented AI technology and global platform transforms the smartphone into a secure mobile safety and analytics solution, available as a GDPR-compliant SaaS offering to our partners in the mobility space, including insurance providers, automakers and mobile network operators.

Capable of running on 4.6B smartphones sold worldwide since 2013, Sfara technology represents a paradigm shift for the telematics industry and our partners—offering unprecedented detection capabilities, without incremental hardware or data transport costs.

Sfara provides a highly scalable, cloud-based data analytics and assurance solution designed to assist companies navigating the challenges of shifting transportation models, such as transportation-as-a-service, semi and fully autonomous vehicles, insurance claims processing, as well as fleet management and ride-sharing services.

Sfara is led by a deeply experienced executive team with over 150 billion miles driven on their leading edge, embedded and aftermarket telematics solutions for consumer and fleet applications, including UBI and MHAV, operated throughout North America, Europe and China. Headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, Sfara also is expanding in Silicon Valley, Finland, Israel, and in Germany via Sfara GmbH. Triggered TrainingTM and Sphere of SafetyTM are trademarks of Sfara.

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Thu. May 30th, 2024

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