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Major NFT Business Initiatives Announced By AllCertified, The Unique Digital Toolkit Company with Patent Pending Technology for Authenticating NFT Autographs

AllCertified Inc.  the unique leading NFT toolkit developer that provides Patent Pending Technology and Digital Autograph authentication,  announced major business initiatives across multiple market segments.

The Company’s patent-pending B2B Technology Platform allows for individuals to create, manage and affix blockchain authenticated autographs to NFTs. Not only does this create new and perpetual royalty streams for the artist, athlete, celebrity, etc., but also thwarts NFT frauds and scams that have
been black marks across the entire industry.

AllCertified’s final patent documents have been filed under the global PCT treaty, securing international first-to-file IP protection in 156 countries. sports (individuals, teams, leagues), music (performers, record labels, concert promoters, music festival organizers), art/fashion (artists,
photographers, museums, fashion designers), TV-movie studios/ talent agencies/ streaming services, and social media influencers.

“NFTs are collectibles, and every fan, investor and collector knows that autographed collectibles are worth multiple times more than unsigned pieces.

In addition, working with B2B partners and affixing authenticated blockchain autographs to NFTs, we thwart the fakes, frauds and scams that have been plaguing the NFT market on a worldwide basis”” – Michael Eckstein, Founder of AllCertified.

AllCertified is the behind-the-scenes B2B company: working with talent agents, ad agencies, and IP content owners, providing key partnerships with NFT mining, marketplace, auction sites to mint, sell, or auction NFTs.

“During the 1880’s Gold Rush, it wasn’t the miners that made the fortunes; it was the companies that sold the picks and shovels. As an NFT toolkit company, we are a neutral Switzerland working with all NFT minting, marketplace and auction sites to affix authenticated digitized autographs to NFTs,” says Eckstein.

Key Features and Benefits of AllCertified’s patent-pending digitized NFT toolkit:

.       Creates major value-add collectibles differentiation: NFTs without digital signatures vs. an authenticated digitized autographed Platinum Edition with value-added benefits.

.       A new untapped revenue source for athletes, artists, TV-movie celebrities, etc., with on-going after retirement revenue streams through NFT secondary market sales.

.       NFT projects that create closer links and connections to fans and consumers.

.       Backend NFT tokenization: exciting, new QR marketing capabilities for all consumer brands, by linking Platinum Edition NFTs to premium and upscale merch, swag, meet-and-greet sessions, product discounts, etc.

.       Aligning with AllCertified provides robust security, cutting down on NFT scams and frauds.

For more information about AllCertified, please visit:

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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