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Reell Precision Manufacturing Introduces the DX100 Multi-Axis Hinge

Reell Precision Manufacturing, a world leader in innovative small package motion control, is pleased to introduce the DX100 Multi-axis hinge.

The DX100 features a unique dual-axis design that allows for full fold over performance in panels as thin as 8mm – thinner than traditional bifold or articulating hinges. This enables tables and panels to fold and stow in narrower spaces allowing for smaller designs. It is ideal for airline and vehicle meal trays or fold-away work surfaces in applications such as medical carts and equipment.

The DX100 features Reell’s ReellTorq™ technology that provides long life, premium feel motion that holds solidly in any position along a full 180° of rotation without rattle or position creep.

The DX100 is available in an equal torque profile with either 0.5 N-m, 1.0 N-m, or 1.5 N-m around both axes and a mixed torque profile with 0.5 N-m around one axis and 1.5 N-m around the other, which allows for sequencing in motion as the panel folds. The lower torque axis will rotate first, followed by the second axis after a stop is reached on the first axis.

Global Product Line Manager Jim Brown is excited about the introduction of the DX100. “”Customers tell us they need smaller torque solutions due to more compact designs. This trend is especially true in meal tray and work surface applications. The DX100 provides design engineers a proven, off the shelf solution in an ultra-small package size. It provides our easy adjustment, smooth feel, and secure holding power while allowing designers to free up space in their designs.”

Reell Precision Manufacturing provides high-quality innovative solutions to transmit torque, control angular position and protect delicate components from excessive force. Combining the world’s most precisely controlled torque technology with the industry’s most experienced engineering team, Reell provides a perfect product fit for customer application. With facilities on three continents, Reell’s responsive global customer service and world class manufacturing ensures exceptionally easy ordering and on-time delivery.