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Schreiner ProTech Supplies Ultrasonically-Welded Pressure Compensation Seals for Camera-assisted Vehicle Parking System

Schreiner ProTech, a Germany-based global leader in developing and
manufacturing innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for the
automotive and engineering-based industries, now supplies
ultrasonically-welded pressure compensation seal (PCS) membranes for a
prominent manufacturer of camera-assisted parking system components.

Now standard on a wide range of vehicles, external cameras on mirrors, front
grills, or tailgates assist drivers with parking by providing 360-degree
views of their surroundings. For these systems, components called ICAM plug
connectors help ensure stable, trouble-free connection between cameras,
electrical components, and the driver interface. Based in Baden-Württemberg,
Germany, /H&B/ Electronic now manufactures ICAM plug connectors equipped
with protective PCS membranes from Schreiner ProTech.

To protect its 8-pin connectors, /H&B/ Electronic employs a two-tiered
approach. First, a specialty seal using liquid silicone (LSR) acts as an
effective barrier against water and dust. Second, Schreiner ProTech’s
pressure compensation seals provide protection against excess pressure. The
benefits of Schreiner ProTech’s small membranes include low unit costs and
minimal installed height. Further, the flexible, film-based structure of the
pressure compensation seals means suitable membranes can be supplied for
practically any application.

/H&B/ Electronic has more than 30 years of experience in complex plug
connectors and fully automated manufacturing processes. However, the ICAM
connector was its first product utilizing an LSR seal. This meant that close
collaboration with Schreiner ProTech’s team was crucial.

“The interaction with /H&B/ was very constructive, and based on mutual
trust,” says Nils Herzberger from Schreiner ProTech. “We developed an
ultrasonically welded solution for the customer, and are pleased to see that
the pressure protection our membranes offer fit well with their needs.”

To date, more than 18 million ICAM plugs have incorporated Schreiner
ProTech’s PCS solutions.

About Schreiner ProTech

Schreiner ProTech, a business unit of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG based in
Oberschleissheim near Munich (Germany) and production sites in Blauvelt
(USA) and Shanghai (China), develops innovative film-based functional
components and industrial marking and security solutions. From
thermal-transfer printing, laser marking and RFID solutions all the way to
pressure compensation seals and printed electronics: the certified
development partner and systems supplier offers solutions which help
optimize processes, reduce costs, make life healthier and safer, and enhance
human mobility. All of Schreiner ProTech’s solutions for the mobility and
electronics markets as well as for mechanical engineering are specifically
tailored to meet customers’ needs.

Schreiner ProTech’s U.S. facility, a business unit of Schreiner Group LP, is
located at 300 Corporate Drive, Suite 10, Blauvelt, NY 10913. For more
information, call 845-848-9000, e-mail or visit

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Fri. May 17th, 2024

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